I Need Love: Top 10 Valentine’s Raps

By Anton Constantinou

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Happy Valentine’s Day, Hip Hoppers! Join us as we celebrate the coming together of lovebirds around the world with a flashback to some of the steamiest and most sentimental tracks to be ever released

Rap has a long and enduring relationship with “love”, as old as its link to bling and gang culture. When LL Cool J (the original king of romance) dropped  I Need Love, in 1987  it set a precedent for other artists to follow. Talk of kissing tenderly and caressing was  previously unheard at this point. With exception to tracks like One Love by Whodini and MC Shan’s Left Me Lovely, all talk in rap was primarily centred on bragging, boasting and having a good time.

In time, the LL bug would catch on to everyone from Black Star to Mark Morrison, with stories coming far and wide about who you fancied and what you planned to do to them. Nowadays, writing a rap about “that special girl or guy” is pretty much a given, and if it’s inspiration you’re after, you’re pretty much spoilt for choice. Scaling down the ballads to a small, select few, we give you our top 10 Valentine’s raps (excluding LL’s classic of course):

10.) DMX – How’s It Going Down

9.) Slick Rick – Teenage Love

8.) Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Lots of Lovin’

7.) Common – The Light

6.) 50 Cent feat Nate Dogg – 21 Questions

5.) The Roots feat Erykah Badu – You Got Me

4.) Jennifer Lopez feat Ja Rule – I’m Real (Remix)

3.) LL Cool J feat Boyz II Men – Hey Lover

2.) 2pac – Do For Love

1.) Method Man feat Mary J Blige – You’re All I Need


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