Monday Night Highlight – WWE Raw 22/09/14

Dean Ambrose
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After a series of disappointing WWE Raw episodes and mixed reactions from the WWE Universe about Night Of Champions, I’m sure we were all predicting another predictable, waste of time follow up of the PPV on Sunday.

However to a lot of people’s surprise Raw managed to deliver an above average follow up from Night of Champions.

“I’m Not Dead”

This was obviously down to the fact that the ‘Lunatic Fringe’ Dean Ambrose had made his return and was hungry for blood. Arguably the most over WWE superstar at the moment kicked off Monday Night Raw by standing his ground in the middle of the ring demanding Seth Rollins to confront him so he could deliver the MITB winner a beating of a lifetime. The crowd were buzzed as Ambrose waited patiently and then enters John Cena.

New t-shirt same superstar John Cena, confronted the former Shield member as they disputed about their common enemy Seth Rollins and who gets to whoop his ass. Right on cue, the COO and the rest of The Authority made their entrance and distracted Cena and Ambrose from exchanging blows. Triple HHH, doing what’s best for business tried to protect his golden boy telling the pair that neither would get a piece of his Plan B tonight.

However, with Cena itching to get payback after Rollins screwed him over at Night of Champions and Ambrose with an eternal hatred for his former teammate, they weren’t taking any orders tonight. The two babyfaces sprinted out the squared circle for an old school brawl with the authority.

With punches being thrown left, right and centre Rollins made his escape with Ambrose and Cena both on his tail. The brawl got taken backstage and Rollins managed to make a lucky escape in a civilian’s vehicle.

“Oops I did it again”

With such an intense start to Raw, it only got better as Dolph Ziggler instigated his rematch clause against The Miz after losing his IC Title at Night of Champions the night before. The duo have produced some memorable moments in the ring together and this was one of them. Ziggler managed to kick out of the skull crushing finale and roll up Miz and grab his tights for the win, reclaiming his IC Title and re-starting his reign with gold.

These two superstars weren’t the only ones being watched, with Damien Mizdown at ringside helping out The Miz at every opportunity and putting the ‘entertainment’ in sports entertainment as he imitated The Miz’s in ring moves on an invisible opponent. It’s a bittersweet feeling seeing Sandow in this position, as much as he has impressed in this gimmick his talented is being hugely wasted.

“Demon vs Lunatic”

With no-one getting the chance to teach Rollins a lesson in the ring tonight, the COO called up Corporate Kane to take care of Ambrose and finish him off, so to speak. Ambrose took the front foot against the demon throwing out a series of punches, clotheslines and dropkicks. Having dominated most of the match, Kane looked to have failed the authority yet again as Ambrose planted him with Dirty Deeds. Just as the victory seemed cleaned an unexpected Rollins, taking a leaf out of Ambrose’s book appeared out of nowhere and attacked him, allowing Kane to get to his feet and deliver a devastating Chokeslam. Although Ambrose got the win through disqualification you can tell he wasn’t satisfied with Rollins getting the upper hand.

Backstage, it seemed Triple HHH was about to give Rollins a warning for ‘starting fires’ but the pitbull Ambrose was again on the chase attacking from behind. The WWE Universe being treated to yet another backstage brawl fell short as security were quick to pounce onto Ambrose and lock him away in a backstage room where he could no longer be a nuisance for the rest of the show.

“Rusev Crush”

With the clash of Olympians at NIC coming off better for Rusev, Mark Henry stepped into the ring at Monday Night Raw to apologize to his fans for letting them and USA down. However this apology was short lived with the powerful and menacing Rusev, and Lana made their way out to degrade Henry with a serious of insults. The pair found themselves back in the ring in a rematch, giving Mark Henry a chance to regain some justice. Again the Russian powerhouse proved to be too strong for Sexual Chocolate and forced the referee to end the match due to him blacking out in the accolade.

This would have been the perfect opportunity for our Olympic Hero, Kurt Angle to return to his home and take down Rusev, but unfortunately the those hopes were cut short and the WWE Universe continue to wait to see if this could become a reality.

“Divas in Action”

Brie and Niki remain trapped in an average feud that the crowd didn’t really pay much attention to until the new Diva’s champion AJ Lee came down to the ring for her match with Niki, followed by Paige who sat ringside with commentary. Throughout the match Paige continued to grow on the WWE Universe with her impressive mic skills as she not only insulted AJ but managed to throw a few digs at JBL and the others. AJ managed to make Niki tap out to the Black Widow and the focus grew ever more on the fascinating rivalry between former frenemy Paige.

“We haven’t seen this before”

The main event, forever putting people to sleep was between Orton and Cena. Another predictable match between two superstars who rarely bring out the best in each other. Orton dominated most of the match and was only a matter of time until we saw the 5 moves of doom, however with Rollins and Kane ringside the moment Cena gained his momentum the pair were in to bring the former champ right back down.

The assault continued with the three authority members dragging Cena outside the ring to a familiar surround of the cinder blocks that put Ambrose out of action only a few weeks earlier. Cena’s fate looked to be set in stone (pun intended) but as Kane lifted the cover, a fired up Ambrose launched himself from underneath having escaped the room and hidden away and went straight for Rollins. The final brawl for the night livened up a disappointing main event with Ambrose and Cena standing tall in the ring and Rollins standing like a coward amongst the crowd.


Overall the night was filled with a fair few surprises that made up for a average PPV. Again Ambrose stole the show with his unorthodox style and obsession with Rollins. This rivalry has the chance to be a lifelong one, similar to that of Stone Cold and The Rock, which is what the WWE is missing right now, with forced matches such as Swagger and Bo Dallas which obviously don’t have the backing to go anywhere. Ziggler and The Miz are taking their careers to new heights, with their in-ring chemistry they have the chance to bring some respect back to the IC Title and they are definitely one’s to watch over the coming weeks. With Rusev putting Mark Henry to bed, it’ll be interesting to see who will step up and take him down. A possible encounter with Cena, the American hero. The only thing missing from Raw was the presence of the Wyatt family. Being such a dominant force since their arrival it is strange to see they weren’t included in Night of Champions or Raw. Are WWE building them up for something big? Maybe some championship gold? Tune in next week to find out the answer to all this and more.

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