Monday Night Highlight – Could D-Bry still headline WrestleMania?

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The Announcement 

It was announced last Thursday on Smackdown that COO, Triple would have a huge announcement that would shake the WWE universe, to make on RAW this week. As a result he and Stephanie opened the show addressing a still rather angry WWE Universe. As we all know, the closing moments of the Royal Rumble pay per view, which saw Roman Reigns be named the man going on to headline WrestleMania and face Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, left fans around the world fuming and even some cancelling their Network subscription. Due to the heavy controversy the WWE had no option but to address the fans and come up with a way to calm everyone down for a bit. So as Stephanie and Hunter re-lived the actions of Roman Reigns and the Rock, they began to question Reigns victory after he received help from the Rock in order to win the Rumble. Of course all this Reigns bashing meant that the man himself would soon make an appearance and make his voice heard. I mentioned on twitter last night that I feel less is so much more for Reigns, he doesn’t need crazy, big, promos or any over the top sassy attitude. He simply has to be Roman Reigns. As soon as he strips it back and talks slower  and calms it down a bit he can actually put on a good promo.

I think it’s just about him forgetting the hate he gets for his mic work and to stop over thinking his promos, once he does that he can deliver a decent promo. Last night was not an example of his better mic work but he did a decent job and really did hold his own. Of course Reigns was far from happy about what was being said and where things where going with this “Big Announcement”, but we would then see the appearance of Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins, both claiming to have rightful opportunity at Lesnar and his WWE World Heavyweight Championship. In all honesty, Daniel Bryan does deserve a match for the title considering he never lost in the first place but after Rollins performance at the Royal Rumble against Lesnar and Cena, you have to give it to him, he has proven he is more than championship worthy. With everyone wanting a shot at the title, The Authority announced that the main event for the night’s episode of RAW would see Seth Rollins and Daniel Bryan go one on one with the winner going on to face Roman Reigns at the Fastlane pay per view with the then winner facing Brock Lesnar for the championship at WrestleMania. To be honest I think this is all pretty predictable. Either way, Reigns is still going on to face Lesnar at Mania, whether if we like it or not. All of this is just to help boost Reigns in the process and help build him and give him some momentum before the biggest match of his career. That’s not to say Bryan and Rollins won’t be in something big for WrestleMania but this is all about Roman Reigns.

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Roman Reigns VS Big Show
It was all about “one VS All” from Roman Reigns, as things went from bad to worse for the former tag team champion, as the first match of the night saw Reigns take on the Big show once again. The thought of sitting through another Roman Reigns/Big Show match really did kill me inside and I think I actually put my headphones in at this point and kinda ignored my TV for a while. Thankfully the match was short and simple. When the WWE returned from it’s commercial break, they showed a clip from the WWE app, showing the big Show taking advantage of the opening moments of the match, taking Roman reigns by the vest and giving him a good old fashioned beatdown. With next to offence, Reigns suffered a huge loss to the Big show and to be honest I liked this decision. It made Reigns look not so invincible and made things less predictable.

Curtis Axel wants the spotlight 

The troubles surrounding Roman Reigns’ win at the Royal Rumble was not the only lingering bit of controversy surrounding the Rumble. After being attacked by Erick Rowan before he could even enter the Rumble, Curtis Axel was left not being able to participate in the Rumble match. However, Axel and many fans, believed that he was the real Royal Rumble winner because he was never truly eliminated (even though he never entered in the first place). Axel came out to address the WWE universe claiming he was the man who should be main eventing WrestleMania and taking on Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. I tweeted out last night that a lot of people forget Curtis is an amazing wrestler and has done some big things backstage away from the cameras, but the poor booking and fact he has practically no entertaining personality means he get’s pushed to the side and forgotten about. Someone who was not a fan of Axel’s claims was “The Lunatic Fringe”, Dean Ambrose. Making his way to the ring he through Axel over the top rope and said “now you’re eliminated”. Perfect Dean Ambrose actions right there.

Ambrose of course then stole the spotlight, taking the mic, looking down the camera and sending a message to the Intercontinental champion, Bad News Barrett. I’m sure you will all remember, Dean scoring a clean win over Barrett a couple of weeks ago witch does mean he is entitled to a shot at the championship. Now, a feud between these two would be amazing and they really could pull off an outstanding match, given the right amount of time in the ring and the right amount of attention. I do think Ambrose is worth more and should be main eventing, chasing after the WWE World Heavyweight championship. But with so much going on surrounding the main event spot, this is the perfect next solution for Ambrose and with how popular and talented he is, the WWE cannot afford to let Ambrose and the fans down with his future.

The Ascension VS Goldust & Stardust 
Up next, tag team action as the Ascension took on former tag team champions Gold and Stardust. I mentioned before that I think the WWE are spending most their time building the Ascension up for a shot at the Tag Team Championships in the upcoming months and so right now it’s all about momentum building and proving themselves to the fans and the company. But last night was not all about Konnor and Viktor. For a couple of weeks now we have been seeing some growing tensions between Gold and Stardust and that continued last night after the Ascension scored another win over the brothers, Stardust showed he was far from happy with the results. Backstage the heat continued between the two and Goldust even mentioned the C word (Cody).

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Cena welcomes back Erick Rowan, Dolph Ziggler and Ryback
We then saw the RAW Return of Erick Rowan, Dolph Ziggler and Ryback as they all received a strong reaction from the live crowd. As mentioned on the RAW Pre Show, Cena was set to welcome back his fellow colleagues. However, the reunion didn’t go quite as planned, as Stephanie announced all three superstars would compete in individual singles matches later on in the night, starting off with Ryback VS Luke Harper.

Ryback VS Luke Harper
As I just mentioned, Ryback was first to take on his individual opponent, that opponent being Luke Harper. Now, I’m a fan of both of these guys, especially Luke. I think the main problem I have with the treatment of Harper is the same problem I have with the treatment of most heels. There seems to be an ongoing trend right now and belief  within the WWE that heels need to lose most of their matches. Since separating from The Wyatt Family, WWE have struggled to get Harper into something solid and entertaining. The thing with Luke is his talent and move set is endless. You can put him in the ring with pretty much anyone and he will give you a good match and show just how diverse he is. But his poor booking is doing him no favours and is pushing him back further and further and I really do worry because he is not as young as someone like Dean Ambrose or Bray Wyatt who can afford to wait a little longer for their big championship moment. His match last night with Ryback was surprisingly really really good. It was much longer than I first anticipated and the two really did put on a great match. In the end it was Ryback with who got the victory.

Other matches of the night included, Cesaro scoring a win over one half of the tag team champions, Jimmy Uso. The match was short and simple but was key in building up Cesaro and Tyson Kidd. I did predict last week in a separate post, which I will leave the link to bellow, that Kidd and Cesaro will have a tag team championship match at the Fastlane pay per view. This was actually a pretty good match and I really enjoyed it, witch came to a huge surprise. Cesaro walked away with the win and more momentum on his side. Paige went one on one with Alicia Fox with Brie Bella and the Divas Champion, Nikki Bella at commentary. The match saw Paige get the win. Erick Rowan received a beat down from Rusev, meaning the match never got started. Sin Cara also scored a win over the Miz.

Dolph Ziggler VS Bray Wyatt

Up next was probably the match of night for me, as Bray Wyatt and Dolph Ziggler went one on one. This match was amazing and these guys just stole the freaking show. The fact of the matter is that Bray Wyatt and Dolph Ziggler are two of the most talented superstars in the WWE right now and they proved that once again last night. Surprisingly it was Bray Wyatt who walked away with the win, which I really did like the idea of. Now, there has been many rumours that Bray will take on the Undertaker at Wrestlemania this year, and after he’s second promo of the week last night I think that could one hundred per cent be the case.

Seth Rollins VS Daniel Bryan 
Finally, the main event, as Daniel Bryan went one on one with Seth Rollins. This was another outstanding match and was just as good as the Wyatt/Ziggler one. I was expecting a lot from this match and they did not disappoint what so ever. I was one hundred per cent expecting Orton or Sheamus to return and I was beyond disappointed when neither of them made an appearance. I honestly think the longer Orton’s return is pushed back the worse, but the night ended just as I predicted with Daniel Bryan standing tall.

A quick reminder that WrestleMania season on my blog has now started with the first post in the series up already, the link to that post will be below. I will also leave the links to any other recent posts so you can check them all out and stay up to date on everything. Finally, you can let me know what YOU thought of last nights episode of RAW and also what YOU would like to see in Wrestlemania season by by tweeting me – @TezangiVictoria.


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