Monday Night Highlight: The Wyatt Family Take Over The Show In Their Solo Roles

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This week The Authority (yet again) kicked off the show and stated what will happen if at Survivor Series

Team Authority looks strong and a cocky Triple H decided to flex his juiced up muscle by putting Dolph Ziggler in a match with former Wyatt Family member Luke Harper for the Intercontinental Championship. Just incase the match seemed too one sided The Authority’s minions Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble decide to attack Ziggler before the bell rings.

But what a match as “The Showoff” and Harper went at it and gave the fans true value for money and in what was the biggest shock off the night we got ourselves a new IC champion. Harper seems to have made the best career choice yet by joing Team Authority and receiving gold straight away (before Bray Wyatt I might add – Just let that sink in for a minute…).

Wyatt decided to come out and tell the Universe why Dean Ambrose needs saving. Here we got a real angle to the feud as the eater of the Worlds told us that the pain inside Ambrose is destroying him and how he needs saving. Ambrose appeared on the screen on what turned out to be a prerecorded clip and attacked Wyatt from behind.

Ryback seems to be back in the good books of WWE bosses. A match with Cesaro showed the fans two powerhouses going at it was full of Suplexes and heavy brawling. Ryback eventually won and the way his been booked recently I expect big things to happen from the “Big Guy”.

The show closed with the contract signing for Survivor Series. Triple H paraded his team and made claims that they can not lose, but there were moments where he showed little flickers of fear.

Maybe HHH isn’t as confident going into Sunday as he claims he is. Cena came out alone and gave a heartfelt speech but tried to be too funny with it which made me sad for him. A slap from non other than Vince McMahon set the gears in motion and Cena was ready to take on The Authority until the rest of the cavalry turned up: Ziggler, Big Show and surprisingly Erick Rowan. Cesaro joined Cena but in true Heel fashion mocked him and joined the dark side. Ryback linked up with the rest of Team Cena and the fight resumed ending with John Cena putting Trips through a table.

It seemed strange that Rowan has turned face and is part of Team Cena, but it could be that he will show his true colours on Sunday and be the mole within his side. There is good momentum going into the Sundays match and we could be set for the most memorable matches of recent times.


Dolph Ziggler v Luke Harper – Harper wins via pinfall

Adam Rose v Tyson Kidd – Kidd wins via submission

Ryback v Cesaro – Ryback wins via pinfall

Rusev v Heath Slater – Rusev wins via submission

Big Show v Sheamus – match ends in no contest (Rusev and Mark Henry attacked both men)

Nikki v Brie Bella – Brie wins via pinfall

The Usos, Los Matadores v Goldust, Stardust, The Miz and Damien Mizdow – The Miz, Mizdow, Goldust and Stardust win via pinfall

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