Monday Night Highlight: Analysis of WWE Raw – The Return Of Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan Raw
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Survivor Series closed with one of the most on the edge finishes in months as Dolph Ziggler defied the odds of coming out on top in a three on one situation thanks to the help of the man they call Sting

As “The Show Off” made his way backstage to celebrate the safety of his career, the WWE debutant planted Triple H with the Scorpion Death Drop to mark his arrival.

Many fans tuned in for Raw the next day to see the follow up of the six-time WCW Champion’s actions but they would have been left waiting as Triple H was sent packing by his angry father-in-law Vince McMahon! The crowd was not left too disappointed as Daniel Bryan hopped down to the ring to a thunderous ovation of YES chants. D-Bry was made the temporary General Manager of Raw and made it his responsibility to give Team Authority hell following his torment from them over the last year.

We saw the inauguration of Concessions Kane as the former Director of Operations was relieved of his duties at the hands of his former tag-team partner. There will likely be a new rivalry for the veteran as he was involved in a scuffle with Ryback over the hot dog stand, which left him with mustard on his face for the second time in two months.

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Another new storyline was put in the works with serial sellout Big Show being stood up to by Erick “I don’t like bullies” Rowan. It seems like the former Wyatt Family members are having a tough time graduating to high school following Camp Wyatt with Luke Harper also vying to fit in with claims that he’s a “Team Player”.

The show felt very casual and fresh since there was no dictatorship to execute drawn out promos but John Cena & Ziggler celebrated their win over Seth Rollins, Jamie Noble & Joey Mercury, a familiar message tone echoed throughout the arena. Michael Cole acted confused and questioned if in fact the noise was to signal the return of the Anonymous Raw General Manager, even though there was a massive stand sitting next to him the whole time.

I can guarantee that no one missed the whole Raw General Manager angle, which marked some of the darkest times in WWE between 2010 and 2011. Fans would rather see The Authority back in charge than see another Heel Michael Cole storyline in the works. If there has to always be a manager of the show, the company should just place a casual Face figure in there to be a match maker so that the story focus is all on the active wrestlers. This approach worked when Mick Foley was the Commissioner in 2000, which was one of the most action-packed years in WWE. Hopefully this is just a tempory aspect to promote Cyber Monday that follows next week.

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