The Monday Night Highlight – WWE Raw 01/09/2014

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No wait, that’s not right. Instead the Rock n Rolla of ayatollah kicked of Raw with another episode of the Highlight Heel. This segment saw Y2J call out the legend killer Randy Orton, only to have to authority make their way down the ramp and interrupt a genius at work.

As we watched the King or King’s exchange a few cheap jokes (thanks to the PG era) with the first ever WWE Undisputed Champion, the topic of conversation turned to question of who deserves to be the no.1 contender for the WWE World Heavy Champion at Night of Champions. Orton, Kane and Rollins took it in turn to state their case and right on cue the champ’s music dropped and Cena made his way to the ring.

The champ, in a not so champion like manner, threatened the COO of the company with a lawsuit if he didn’t get obligatory rematch with the beast incarnate at Night of Champions. Triple H took this as the perfect opportunity to remind Cena of the recent annihilation he received from Brock Lesnar, and then Roman Reigns entered the equation.

With all 7 men and their ego’s filling the ring Triple H took action and booked a 6 man tag between Rollins, Orton & Kane vs. Reigns, Cena & Y2J for the main event of Raw. After all, it’s what’s best for business.

With the match booked, the sneaky Seth Rollins sought to gain an advantage over his opponent and former SHIELD member Romans Reigns with an attack from behind, but the solo Samoan easily avoided the attack and managed to stand tall against Rollins.

The Money Maker

Raw continued with a follow up of events from Friday Night Smackdown as we saw the IC Champion Dolph Ziggler and the United States Champ Sheamus take on the team of Cesaro and The Miz. The match proved to be fairly entertaining with The Miz’s stunt double Damien Mizdown distracting Ziggler allowing Miz to deliver the Skull Crushing Finale and take the win.

Vince’s Dream Match

A tag match the big boss would be proud off saw the world’s largest athlete and the world’s strongest man take on the brute force of Luke Harper and Eric Rowan. Granted these men were powerhouses, but the match itself was pretty lethargic, even for the versatile likes of Luke Harper. The most heated part of the match was the introduction of Rusev, who never once took his gaze away from Henry as he watched from the ramp. Even with the break out of ‘Sexual Chocolate chants’ the built Russian didn’t even flinch. Just as Show and Henry looked to gain an advantage, Henry was ready to deliver the world’s strongest slam Harper until Rusev snuck into the ring and stuck Henry with a powerful kick, resulting in a DQ.

My Name is Paul Heyman

Yet again the WWE Universe were treated to another cutting edge promo from Paul Heyman, sending chills down the spines of little children as he slated their hero John Cena. Every word that comes out of this man’s mouth right now is truth. Nothing can or will stop the dominance of his client and WWE Champion Brock Lesnar.


Although this next match was against the Real American Jack Swagger and Curtis Axel, the true focus was on Bo Dallas, who at the end of the match addressed the winner Jack Swagger and with the help of some ‘real Americans’ made Swagger aware that he let down his beloved country at Summerslam. Bo even took a leaf out of Lana’s book and managed to name drop the most hated ‘dictator’ Vladimir Putin during his promo which really managed to work the crowd over.

Bunny Boiler

A blatant time filler during one of the most disappointing Raw’s of the year (in most people’s opinion) was between Adam Rose and Titus O’Neil. There wasn’t really much to say about this match apart from Adam Rose’s Bunny laying down the law and getting one over on Heath Slater with a double leg takedown and commencing to party afterwards.

The Russian Reaper

Following up a below average match, was yet another where everyone knew the outcome (a great excuse for a bathroom break). Rusev dominated Ryder, with the highlight being Mark Henry’s turn to come down to the ring and confront Rusev and let him know whose house he’s playing in. This rivalry has picked up momentum and is looking for a strong ending when they finally collide in the squared circle.

I’ve Never Told Anyone That Before

After a number of cheap segments throughout the night, from Niki Bella it was beginning to feel like an episode of Jersey Shore meets Crimewatch. Finally this build up climaxed in the ring as Stephanie McMahon stood in the centre of the ring and rewarded Niki Bella with a title match for the Diva’s Champion against Paige.

Brie Bella made her appearance and managed to again stand in the ring and allow abuse to be thrown at her from all angles, until AJ Lee skipped her way down to the ring, shortly followed by Paige.

With the two hottest Divas in the division lingering the background, the slagging match continued between Niki and Brie before Brie finally took a stand for herself and reached ‘Brie Mode,’ pushing her sister to the ground and taking out Paige at the same time. Brie left the ring leaving the unstable AJ to pick up the Diva’s belt and skip playfully around the ring before coming face to face with Stephanie in the most heated confrontation of the night. The chemistry was unreal between these two and it will be interesting to see how this angle plays out in the future, after Stephanie angrily demanded Aj give the belt back.

Golden Heel

With Raw picking up some momentum towards the end of the show, the budding rivalry between the tag team champions The Usos and the Dust Brothers continued to grow. Goldust attempted an insincere apology, but the Usos attacked before the bell.

Goldust managed to pick up the win and again the real action happened outside of a match where the heel turn of Goldust and Stardust rose another level as they attacked Jey Uso after the match with a steel chair to an already injured knee. Could the Dust Brothers be favourites as the next WWE Tag Team Champions? We’ll have to wait and see.

The Number 1 Contender

The main event capped off an unmemorable Raw in style as some of the biggest names in the current WWE roster squared off in a 6 man tag. The champ was greeted with a succession of ‘Cena Sucks’ chants which he embraced as he waited eagerly on the side of the apron for the majority of the match waiting to be tagged in.

After Orton, Reigns, Rollins, Y2J and Kane traded offenses Cena was finally let loose as he expectedly unleashed his strength on the opposition and planted both Kane and Rollins before tagging in the Superman Roman Reigns who speared Kane for the win.

After the match Cena celebrated in the face of the COO, making sure he knew the champ was ready for Lesnar at Night of Champions and sending a message by countering another unsuccessful Rollins attack and giving him the Attitude Adjustment onto the announcers table.


Yes, it may have been one of the disappointing Raw’s of the year but this episode contained a lot of potential and enough time until Night of Champions to build up some great rivalries. With Mark Henry and Rusev looking to continue to get one up on each other who will come out on top? Will AJ back down from Stephanie and let her be? And with Y2J set to take on Bray Wyatt in a Steel Cage Match next week, will their feud finally be put to bed? Find out all of this and more on next week’s Monday Night Highlight.

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