Monday Night Highlight: Are you real security? I swear you were Rosebuds last week – Raw Results

Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Jamie Noble, Raw
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This week’s show came live from Chicago, but sadly no punk. Let’s take a look at this week’s action.

Authority begins

The Authority came out and were greeted with a wall of boos. However, even the CM Punk chants didn’t faze the authority as Stephanie McMahon pointed out he quit the company and deserted the same fans chanting his name. the main order of business was Dean Ambrose, and how he had disrespected the company by steeling ‘a symbol of the company’ the Money in the Bank contract from Seth Rollins.

Enter Paul Heyman

The schmoozing agent came out to speak on behalf of his part time client and addressed the curb stomp on Lesnar by Rollins at Night Of Champions. Heyman and Rollins shook hands and it appears the beef is squashed. However, i don’t think the beast forgets and I predict some sort of attack by Lesnar which could spark a fatal four way at night of champions.

Intercontinental Championship Match

The first match of the night began with Ziggler defending his belt in a triple threat match with Cesaro and The Miz. This was definitely our favorite match of the night as it had two superb in ring workers and even Miz held his own. The back and forth and energy these guys bring is what Sports entertainment is really about.  Miz was caught coming off the top rope by a Swiss uppercut when Cesaro got caught off-guard by Ziggler who super kicked him out of the picture and pinned the lifeless Miz to regain his belt.

Total Divas belongs on E not WWE

Natalya and Rosa Mendes vs Summer Rae and Layla carried on their feud into this week and was unsurprisingly boring. Tyson Kidds behavior however outside the ring brought comic relief to this sleepy segment, however this comic booking doesn’t do the women’s division any favours. Don’t get me wrong the ladies in the ring are all have great ability but when the commentators are yapping on about total Divas storylines I will continue to vent.

Ambrose goes wild

Ambrose strutted in with a duffer bag and the MITB briefcase and laid into the Authority and had a pop at the merchandising and gave it away for free which was refreshing as it was done in an anti-authority manner. Ambrose was hilarious when ‘the cruiserweight division’ came out to get him, and his one liners again highlighted that he definitely has the character and mic skills to go a long way. When Rollins entered the picture the segment became childs play which showed how heavy the WWE caters for the younger demographic. Ambrose surrendered the briefcase and once he opened it was sprayed by green slime which was a cheap chuckle compared to the lunatic fringes stand up routine. WWE need to stay away from the cheap gimmicks and concentrate on the wrestling and words.

Mark Henry BOlieves

Mark Henry’s luck in recent weeks has run out and it didn’t get any better this week with Bo Dallas trying to consolidate him only to be challenged by Henry. With probably the shock result of the night Bo Dallas defeated the World’s Strongest Man and making Bo look at his strongest ever and Henry the weakest in recent memory.

As a veteran of the company he just needs a new angle and a fresh feud but long term wise he will be ok.

Total Divas mark II

Brie Bella was put into a handicap match with Cameron and Eva Marie. And while the wrestling wasn’t all that the storyline was interesting as Brie Bella won against the odds whereas her sister in the same handicap lost giving Brie the bragging rights in the Bella household. I would like this storyline to be developed more once Daniel Bryan is back as we could have the Bryans vs the Cenas (John and Nikki).

The Bunnymoon is over

In the middle of the show you are guaranteed to see some weird and clownish behavior, this week was no different.  Slater Gator and Los Matadores squared up with Hornswoggle dressed as an alligator and Axel Rose and the Bunny at ringside.Erm…. I really don’t know were to start on describing this segment so im just going to move on…..

Big Show vs Bulgarian Brut

Big Show carried on from Smackdown were he sparked him out with a punch. He interrupted Lana and Rusev and laid down his intentions to put an end to Rusev’s Reign. Show even went as far as ripping down the Russian flag which WWE has since apologized for (playing with fire there lol).

This feud should be a decent match up and if Rusev goes as far as beating Big Show which I think he will, will set up Rusev and Lana perhaps making a declaration to join the Main event Scene.

Crazy Divas

The match in terms of wrestling was better than the other divas matches of the night. AJ Lee looked strong against Alicia Fox and was sure to take the victory when Paige made and appearance. Fox capitalised and scissor kicked Lee and won via pinfall.

After the match Paige and Alicia double teamed on AJ and left the Divas Champion knocked out.

Damien Mizdow

The best stunt double in the business was punished for sticking up for the Hollywood Miz. HHH put him into a match with Sheamus which as everyone expected Sheamus won.

However I would like to focus on Sandows development for a second. He is probably been the biggest jobber on the roster since he failed to cash in his MITB contract against Cena. He seems to have finally found his feet as being a stunt double for The Miz and I could imagine him quitting and starting a new feud with the Miz. Also the way HHH was putting Sandow down seemed quite funny and I could imagine him being hired as a jester type character for the Authority’s pleasure.

Main Event Revenge

Cena and Ambrose teamed up to take on Randy Orton and Kane. The match was decent but ended in disqualification when Rollins got his revenge for being made to look the fool during the earlier segment.

The show ended with the typical beat down by the Authority on the two baby faces. The interesting thing to look for in this feud is how Orton and Kane are taking to Rollins rising within the ranks of the Authority, especially with his history of turning on his own team.  This could be a sub plot for the weeks to come but nonetheless at the moment the Authority are looking pretty solid. With next week the possibility of Lesnar joining this matchup it would be interesting to see whether he goes against HHH who if you remember was plan C.

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