Monday Night Highlight: Reactions From A Very Awkward WWE Raw

John Cena grabbing Paul Heyman's lack of hair on Raw
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The Night of Champions “Go Home” edition of  WWE Raw was a bit of an anticlimax and an unusual show. It was like they purposely tested out all their proposed structure changes in one sitting, which then left the viewers just a bit confused and bemused.

The show started off with John Cena getting a nearly 50-year old non wrestler in the form of Paul Heyman in a headlock and dragging him backstage and store him in a room against his will. Now Heyman is a defenceless middle aged man and Cena was unprovoked yet he set an example to his fanboys to bully if you want answers. The 15-time World Champion then happened to know the correct words in Punjabi to get The Great Khali to guard the door (which wasn’t even locked).

Another odd occurrence was that Jerry Lawler decided to randomly give up his cringe-worthy Face worshiping for the last 12 years and started rooting for The Miz and Damien Sandow. It was funny to hear the panic in Michael Cole’s voice in response to Jerry claiming that Dolph Ziggler envied the Miz. Either Jerry forgot who the Heel was or he had also given up on creative direction of the mid-card.

We’ve seen teasers of Pay-Per-View matchups on the Raw before the big event in the past but never have we actually seen the whole match play out with a clean win. Reigns legit pinned Rollins with no fuss in a sub-par bout that if anything damaged their momentum heading into Sunday night. The outcome also makes it obvious that there will be a screwy finish to the PPV match as they needed Reigns to claim victory over Rollins prior for the records.

Cena has headlined Raw for years even when he isn’t in the title scene (remember CM Punk’s reign?) yet even with the rare sighting of The Beast Brock Lesnar they put his championship segment in the mid card to sacrifice the main event segment of Rusev & Mark Henry?!

The Rusev & Henry segment was just a repeat of what we’ve seen in the middle of Smackdowns over the past few weeks and really emphasised how slow the night was. WWE had a near full roster on the night with the likes of Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, Reigns, Cena, Rollins and Lesnar on the card but chose to close with a mid-card feud. Why do you think they went with these awkward decisions on such an important night?


Oh yeah, Cena even turned into a Jersey Shore kinda guy with a taunt of “See you Sunday bro” to Lesnar.

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