Monday Night Highlight – Analysis From WWE Raw: Are Podcasts The New Kayfabe?

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Following a refreshing week of wrestling where we saw the debut of the man they call Sting in WWE, Dolph Ziggler finally relish main event momentum and the return of Daniel Bryan

It felt like a whole different era this week on Raw. There were no refreshing matches, slow promos and non-engaging storylines.

This aspect of WWE was touched on during Stone Cold’s post Raw podcast with Vince McMahon. The Rattlesnake asked his former boss whether it’s a good idea that the WWE Champion is rarely seen on the show, to which Vince dismissed as being a bad thing as its a special attraction. CM Punk also highlighted in his infamous talk with Colt Cabana last week that he doesn’t understand why the younger cats should be undermined by the legends of the past.

Monday’s show is a huge example of how the company suffers by having so much reliance in sporadic figures to draw in entertainment. Sting came back for one night and thousands tuned in the next day to see their beloved hero make a statement on his actions…instead they were met with Larry the Cable Guy. This week fans tuned in to see their favourites of Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt, Seth Rollins and Ziggler steal the show but there was no main event gold for them to argue over along with the lack proper storyline development.

Brock Lesnar was due to appear at Raw next week but this has been scrapped and the crowd were met with a speech from Paul Heyman via satellite. There have been refreshing high points for WWE fans this year as we saw the death of the Undertaker’s streak, the ascension of Daniel Bryan, the summer of Rollins/Ambrose, the demolish of John Cena by Lesnar, NXT showcasing and the return of “The Stinger”. However these moments continuously go in vain as following every OMG moment there is two months of meh moments!

The only talked about thing online over the last week are the interviews with Punk and McMahon respectively. The podcasts have given some groundbreaking entertainment, which the television shows have lacked. Is this proof of bad creative decisions from officials or part of the genius forward strategy of McMahon?

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