Milky Chance Blossom After Their Crazy Breakthrough

By Sumit Rehal

milky chance - blossom
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I’m Doing Good is the mantra on Milky Chance’s latest single that will be on their upcoming album, Blossom

The group from Germany have every right to feel this way, following their incredible rise within global pop music over the last few years.

DJ and producer, Philipp Dausch stated in a chat with Interview Magazine that Doing Good “Shows the development we went through as a band from our first album, Our sound is now a mix of live instruments, but still sounds electronic and walks in that world in-between”.

This presents the band’s determination to keep on developing their sound after their hit, Stolen Dance went viral with nearly 300 million views on YouTube and holds a record for being in the top ten most Shazamed songs ever! This superhit went on to feature on their debut album, Sadnecessary, which was a Folktronica album that saw top 20 success in both sides of the pond in Germany and USA.

Blossom, however displays the range of Milky Chance with experimentation in moods, instruments, vocals and genres. Promotional track, Cocoon is an an archetype of this growth.

So let’s go back to our cocoon
On the blackened afternoon
I see your heart is bleeding too
Let me bleed instead of you

Guitarist and singer, Clemens Rehbein explained that this track describes the group “trying to find a place where you can be yourself and not be distracted; to slow down and reflect on yourself”. The lyricism, along with the emotive guitar and vocal samples allow us to continue be moved by Milky Chance’s artistry, thanks to their strength of not being distracted by their newfound fame.

Ego, another track from the upcoming album touches further on the new situations that the group have to face with stardom.

And I’m missing my miss of roses
Holding my head high up and
My head high up and
I know that she is stronger
Cause she can break the silence, break the silence
So meet me by sea, you see it’s ours
And our place to be somewhere else

These lyrics are about the distance between two lovers, with the songwriter missing their other half while being away. The struggles of ego are also synonymous with success, something which the band has seen in recent history.

This success is set to continue with Blossom, which will be released on March 17. The band itself also continues to blossom with Antonio Greger joining the unit with his instrumental skills in bass, harmonica and guitar. These sounds can be heard throughout their latest offerings and adds a matured touch to the creativity.

With it only being four years since the group’s first project, Milky Chance have the potential to be leaders of a new sound in the mainstream for the next generation.

Blossom’s promotional tracks are already on all streaming services before its March 17 release. They are also on a sold out world tour, to keep up to date follow, them on their Facebook page.

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