WWE Alternative History – What Would Have Happened If Zack Ryder Finally Got Revenge On Kane?

By Jake Rudge

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Now this one I had hoped to have seen at the beginning of 2012 and also thought it had a 2nd chance just a few months ago after Ryder put in a terrific performance against John Cena in the U.S Championship Open Challenge

Zack Ryder has been properly the most famous case of a Superstar whose push was halted for what appeared to be no reason. After he became the scapegoat in the John Cena/Kane/Eve Torres clusterfuck feud he has been pretty buried.

My hopes for 2012 were that feud would spur on a feud between Ryder & Kane at WrestleMania in a true underdog storyline but alas it didn’t happen. However with Ryder’s performance on the aforementioned Raw, I thought perhaps the Kane/Ryder angle could be reignited. Ryder seemingly reignited by his match with Cena begins a winning streak on Raw & Smackdown until he bumps into Kane. Kane reminds Ryder of their history in 2012 when Kane had tortured Ryder put him in a wheelchair (WWE can easily add a video package next week to remind viewers what happened in 2012) and this begins a storyline where Kane just tortures and bullies Ryder for months which causes him to lose matches and Kane even attacking Ryder just because that’s what a bully does. Cena cuts a promo on Zack Ryder telling him not to be a coward and to stand up to Kane and even JBL commentates on how much Zack Ryder has become a coward with Michael Cole & Booker T reluctantly agrees.

Zack Ryder is so fearful that he rejects an opportunity to appear in the Royal Rumble match as Kane is also involved. We fast forward to the Royal Rumble match where Kane has eliminated a few competitors and chokeslammed others. The buzzer sounds and the #18 entrant let’s say Heath Slater (yeah I’m jobbing him again) fails to appear. We cut to the back to see Slater on the floor laid out from an attack. We see Stephanie McMahon screaming at someone in another corridor for laying the person out and saying “if you want to be in the Rumble match then fine you’re the 18th entrant.”

The commentators speculate on who that might be whilst we see Kane chokeslamming a higher card superstar. Suddenly Zack Ryders music hits to hopefully a big pop and he walks to the ring pointing at Kane with vengeance on his mind. Ryder attacks and fights Kane with all his might, reverses a chokeslam attempt and clotheslines both himself & Kane out of the Rumble match. Kane as the now coward bully retreats with Ryder close on his tail to the back. With that you now have the opportunity of a nice midcard singles Wrestlemania match that I had hoped to see 3 years ago. Kane has been around so long he is able to put someone over without it harming his own standing on the roster. Plus it’s always nice to see the veteran put over the young hungry superstar. Especially with a David vs. Goliath type  of storyline.

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