The Middle Ground: Rusev’s Rampage

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This months midcard review takes a look at WWE current unstoppable monster – Rusev

Since making his WWE debut exactly one year ago at the Royal Rumble PPV 2014, Rusev and his manager, the Ravishing Russian Lana, have been steam rolling there way through the bottom of the locker-room. They have strategically worked there way up through the midcard, with some very dominating performances against the likes of Big E and Ryback. Beating Shamus to the US championship has definitely been a highlight for him and fans can see that Rusev is being groomed for something special at WrestleMania 31.

I have to admit something here, over the last few months I haven’t been the biggest fan of Rusev and especially Lana. As hot as she is (she is a dime!!), the same old routine has had me a little bored. This is part due to it feeling very similar to the real Americans and Zeb Coltors weekly outcry at the immigration problem. The other part is just because I know he can do better. Although frustrating, I think WWE are being very wise in holding Rusev back as we can see from recent history and how Rybacks fast track to the main event has actually backfired.

With the Royal Rumble just around the there are a few whispers of Rusev winning and getting a shot at the title. Although the favorites being Reigns and Bryan to go on and win it, it could be interesting to see him win the PPV. Last year fans remember how he came in and took out a handful of Superstar out with absolute ease and makes you wonder if he can go on to break Roman Reigns record for total eliminations of 12.

His streak of no defeat by pin or submission is impressive, and would be ideal to be put to the test at WM. The danger here is that Rusev will be thrown to an already established star such as Cena or Lesnar. If WWE put him against one of these Superstars Rusev will most surely lose and all the momentum he has built will be to waste.

The best thing that can happen to Rusev is to have a strong run in the rumble and be eliminated at the end. WWE have to continue booking Rusev the way they have been and keep climbing the midcard. Making Rusev the next “Money In the Bank” winner is an option as it could boost his relevance the same way it has worked for Seth Rollins. I want to see Rusev keep his streak until WM32. Then we could perhaps see Reigns vs Rusev the ultimate good vs evil powerhouse storyline which Vince loves to see. As for Lana she is doing an excellent job of being the mouthpiece for the Bulgarian Brute. It would be best for Rusev long term that she continues to manage him and his streak.

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