Meet The New Generation Of London’s Health Conscious Community

By Sumit Rehal

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This month, the EY Sikh Network hosted an event covering health and wellbeing in the South Asian community

The audience was treated to talks by the brightest entrepreneurs in London’s health community, who all offered their own expertise on wellbeing in the new age.

Jaspreet Dhillon of YouTube channel, Hipster Veggie ignited the flame of the guests’ conscience by reminding why it’s important to eat organically. The risks of eating pesticide ridden and GMO food products were highlighted by Jaspreet, not only through hard hitting evidence but also through emphasis on how food consumption impacts the spiritual being. Hipster Veggie gave further tips on how health seekers can maintain a natural lifestyle from cooking oil alternatives to wheat replacements.

Dr. Rupy Aujla of The Doctor’s Kitchen used his knowledge to spread awareness of how diabetes is a major danger to the South Asian community. Rupy showed that 1 in 10 people who suffer from diabetes in the U.K are of South Asian descent, which is an incredibly high number as only around 4% of the country is of Asian Origin. The Doctor’s Kitchen offers healthy yet tasty alternatives for South Asians to take on to prevent and handle health problems that they may face.

EY Panel

Nils Middelstorb from Our Cottage London gave a talk on how our body’s systems coincide with universal systems. Our Cottage London is a health food shop based in North London and they even gave out a free, simple recipe on how to make homemade hemp milk, which we ended up making! Nils presented the cells in our bodies are designed in accordance with other natural movements and so we should take care of our body in the same way nature takes care of itself. Our Cottage has wide range of delicious vegan and raw foods that can enable us to reach a powerful, natural state, from hemp seeds to fresh fruit.

Terrence Millington of Mrs Milli’s, an organic hair and skincare specialist, focused on how many toxic chemicals are in our daily toiletries. There are hundreds of additives in our shampoos, make up and moisturising creams but we are oblivious to how they can be to us over time. Terrence highlighted that what goes on our skin is absorbed into our blood like what we eat does, so we should be conscious to what we apply to it. Mrs Milli’s stocks a range of useful yet natural hair and skin products to keep looking on point without the expense of your health.

The event closed with a question and answer session with the audience and all members of this young panel showed their versatility by expertly responding to any question asked.

For more information on any of these brands, please click on their Facebook links below.

Hipster Veggie
The Doctor’s Kitchen
Our Cottage London
Mrs Milli’s

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