So many genres, so little time

By Tommy Baird

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You can’t please everyone

It’s a phrase that runs deep, not just within music but everything, film, art, any form of self-expression. Its what makes everyone different and not in a ‘all in gray; eating gray sludge’ dystopian future world that everyone is so afraid of.

As a musician I have to remind myself of this everyday, no matter how I choose my music to sound I have to come to terms that not everyone will like it, Especially the cynical people that can not see the good in anything; you will never please them!

Recently I began wondering if there ever will be a completely flawless piece of music, loved by all, full stop. I was thinking of said piece as a mathematical equation; a perfect melody + specific notes in a bass line x lyrics so funny/heartfelt they make you cry. Then when I begin to think what the ‘perfect’ tempo could be, and my brain started to hurt.

It goes without saying that the possibilities of music are infinite and that’s before even the word remix comes into play. Every piece of music I have written hasn’t necessary turned out the way I first thought and its because of those endless possibilities. Even tweaking the littlest thing can change a piece of music dramatically.

Music is very special because it is uniquely language-less. For example musicians can write music completely free of lyrics in any language and it can touch people all over the world. I think music has the power to break down barriers between languages but also can bridge the gap. Duo’s like ‘Daft Punk’ are two French artists that write music in English. Lets not forget about the Eurovision song contest, music written in many different languages but ultimately written to impress and prove themselves before their peers. (Though something tells me its more about the popularity of a country rather than of musical ability).

The reason it is so hard to please everybody is because everybody wants different things out of music. If you consider all the genres of music that there are in modern society, it is almost impossible to take something from all of them and to make something fresh. I know that music has to be so varied because even if you want something in particular from a certain genre, chances are that you will like different things from different genres.

Of course, another thing to mention is that your tastes will change as you get older, I know that some of the music I would have listened to as a child, wouldn’t interest me at this age, yet there are still songs from my childhood that I will always have space for in my heart.

Music will never be black or white, or right or wrong, but ultimately one question that will vary from person to person will be. “Do you like this piece of music?”

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