10 Mindblowing Lyrics That You Missed The First TIme

By Maddie Anandarajah

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1) Emeli Sande- My Kind of Love

This song depicts a very different kind of love than what we are used to; not the epic whirlwind Hollywood romance where you climb up on a desk and declare your everlasting love to your significant other.

It is a quiet, almost self-sacrificial love. Not having the all outgoing personality type, the track paints the picture of how an introvert would love.

2) Tupac- Thugz Mansion

A well-known track but one cannot not mention the song in case younger audiences missed this one. In many ways this song acts as an escapism for the black community in face of the immense discrimination faced (most particularly police violence) in America at the time and which is arguably ongoing. The significance is in context, the ambitious nature to hold onto optimism as opposed to singing about the deprived life being led.

3) Evanescence- Immortal

A hauntingly beautiful representation of pure heart-break and depression infused outlook. The song depicts everlasting pain at the loss of a loved one; the song leaves little to the imagination.

4) Plan B-Ill Manors

Let’s go very British on this one; Plan B’s politically motivated track directly clashes with upper class ideology and the clashes of class within Britain which are more prominent than in most of the European countries. The song takes a sarcastic tone by playing out the stereotypical violent ‘chav’ and tickles the nerves. It is made to provoke, antagonize and aggravate but ultimately to motivate people to ask questions about how the country is being run. Plan B makes direct criticisms to present MPs and the Prime Minister himself and takes no hostages.

5) B.O.B ft Taylor Swift- Both of Us

B.O.B goes a little philosophical on us. He reminds us of what is important, strips away the materialistic needs we forget are sometimes only temporary with class and insight. Another uplifting song to motivate and strengthen, reminding us that perhaps money should not be the end game or your main goal and that money does not equate to happiness.

6) Demi Lavato- Shouldn’t Come Back

Sings her frustrations about her absent father; her internal struggles of having to choose to move on, it is a song well worth listening to; the tone is fully to encompass the words. Extremely personal you will find her feelings transparent as day and night and the song encompasses something of a plea to her father to avoid any more emotional turmoil.

7) Eminem-White America

Another politically motivated song that makes your hair stand up at the back of your neck. Eminem vents and calls out the hypocrisy of world leaders, discrimination while using a threatening narrative.

8) Pink- Stupid Girls

Pink’s song is about her shocking revelation that there is a strong need for intellect as opposed to girls being swayed by beauty standards, celebrity culture and general unhealthy societal pressures. She effectively celebrates differences and diversity, a message that continuous to be relevant today (if not more so than before).

9) Lupe Fiasco ft Skylar Grey-Words I Never Said

Extremely powerful politically motivated words by Lupe Fiasco he discusses ‘the war on terror’, the Gaza strip, budget cuts, trash tv and rallies peace and promotes the speaking out against war and violence. Lupe tackles the controversial issue of ‘Jihad’ and cleanly differentiates this from its peaceful roots and those who used to word to incite terror. The message is in the title; by maintaining a silence through fear of oppression and exclusion will be more regrettable in the long-run than having said something controversial at the right time.

10) The Script- Nothing

The Script always held an incredible ability to grasp heartbreak and most convincingly transform it into words. The state of mind is #relatable and you will be hard pushed to find someone who cannot identify with the narrative being told.

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