Review: Little Simz Stamps Her Mark On “Curious Tale Of Trial + Persons”

Written by Rachel Jones - @RachelJ0nes

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Little Simz is really wearing her heart on her sleeve in the debut album ‘A Curious Tale of Trials + Persons’, using her voice to stamp her mark on the UK music scene.

Little Simz provides a refreshing taste of a strong female perspective in the grime scene, proclaiming, “Women can be Kings” in the opening track ‘Persons’. With her unapologetically tough beats and hard lyrical content, The North Londoner carving out space for herself within the heavily male-dominated genre.

There’s a clear storyline and similarity through all ten tracks whilst still maintaining a different feel in each song. Simz has a passionate and pure tone whilst spitting over the beat, often giving us a direct look into her story, struggles and ambitions. Songs like ‘Gratitude’, ‘Wings’ and ‘Full or Empty’depict a clear image of what it’s like growing up with high ambitions in an urban surrounding and the difficulties that can bring in itself, describing real life situations many people will relate to.

However as there are numerous tracks on the album highlighting the struggles she’s going through as a young, female artist growing up in the city, it would have been good to hear one or two tracks with a positive outlook of her journey so far, to show any contrast and growth as to where she has come from and what she is now achieving.

‘God Bless Mary’ does touch on this a little by giving us a more uplifting sound, sympathising with the point of view of someone living next door to an artist, every day hearing the music booming through the walls. This is definitely one of my favourites, so would have been great to have to hear a few more similar perspectives. Understandable she may not have been in the headspace to touch on this in depth during this period so perhaps she’s holding off for the next project.

The instrumentation and overall sound of ‘A Curious Tale of Trials & Persons’ matches the message really well, with clever use of classic grime drum patterns and synths whilst also incorporating soulful melodies and at times rocky guitar riffs, creating the ideal reflective musical atmosphere her words are keen to encourage.

There are no obvious commercial hits on the album; if there were it is possible it may have had more mainstream play. However, even without these the album is still very much worth exploring.

With the powerful lyrics and hard beats highly influenced by live instruments, ‘A Curious Tale of Trials & Persons’ is a strong body of work. This is just the beginning for Little Simz and, at only 21 years old, I’m confident she has a bright future ahead of her.

Check the project on the link below!

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