Kortexiphan Kid – The South Coast’s Newest Beat Machine

By Sumit Rehal

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Highlight Nation had the chance to interview one of the most exciting  producers that is making his name in Portsmouth, England.

Tommy Baird aka Kortexiphan Kid prides himself in his versatility of creating beats that you can jam to in a rave or while zoned out in your bedroom.

1.     Who is Kortexiphan Kid?

It’s not an entity or anything. To put it simply, ‘Kortexiphankid’ is just a name to hide behind. Not that I’m trying to hide at all really. To be honest, I was shooting myself in the foot by giving myself that name. Most of the time it’s pronounced slowly with an upward infliction in case the speaker speaks it incorrectly. I got ‘Cortexiphan’ from a show I was binge-ing during the early stages of production. The show (Fringe) is also one of the first things I ever sampled. I added the ‘Kid’ for alliteration but then feared it would come across as though I’m trying my best to hold on to my youth.

2.     How long have you been producing for?

I have been producing for almost two years now. Growing up I learnt to play guitar and studied Music Performance at College. It wasn’t until I got Logic Pro 9 that my ideas started to form.

3. What is your musical mission?

Ultimately, to document what or how I feel. More than anything the sound I create is a glimpse into the way my mind works. I want to use different elements from a vast majority of genres, so it will hopefully contain something for everyone.

4. You can hear different styles of music in your soundcloud, from drum and bass to hip hop, which style do you enjoy producing the most?

Right now, I’m still experimenting with different styles. I love so many different aspects of genres which ranges right through the spectrum of music. I don’t want to be limited by sticking (or conforming if you will) to one genre and having to stay in ‘guidelines’ of it. I feel its more fitting to say I’m going for a certain sound than a genre.

5. What projects can we look forward to from you?

Throughout the year I have been working to a deadline set by a friend, which was to focus on and finish one track per month. I’m going to put all of that years work together in one place and give it to as many people as possible.

6. Who are your influences?

The biggest influences, and the reason I wanted to start producing the music that I do would be Richard D. James, (you might know him as Aphex Twin); Thom York, Jim Morrison; Kurt Cobain; Bradley Nowell.

7. Are there any artists you would love to work with?

In the next year I would like to collaborate with friends and other local artists. Anyone that feels as much passion about music as I do, I would love to share ideas with.

8. Where do you find inspiration in your use of samples?

  I have a great interest in film, but quite a niche taste that not many people can enjoy the way I do. A lot of the time I spend watching things there is a part of me that picks up on lines of dialogue, or conversations I feel can be see a different way if put with music.

9. Where do you see the UK production scene in 5 years?

I cannot tell you where the music scene will be in five years time, music is infinite and the amount we already have in the present day will be used as a continuous source of inspiration to create more and more music. Charles H. Duell once said, “Everything that can be invented has been invented.” And I am pretty sure he didn’t have a 3D, HD, curved, smart TV.

10. How would you like to see UK producers get more exposure nationwide?

That is a very difficult question, I spend all the time I can working on music so when it comes to promoting I am very limited with what I can do; without having to pay a third party to advertise my music for me.

Catch some of Kortexiphan Kid’s music on the links below.



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