Is The Curb Stomp Ban Justified By WWE?

By Chirag Upadhyay

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The finisher that won the WWE world heavyweight championship and is the full stop to any Seth Rollins match has been banned. When was the last time a current WWE champion was forced to do this?

Then there is the thinking…

Is it really as dangerous as said? Yes, the move was inspired by that horrific scene in American History X, and it does look brutal, but that was the charm of the Curb Stomp. It was believable. It looked like it hurt unlike Cena’s AA where he gently places you on the mat.

Head trauma is a big deal at the moment. The NFL is being sued for millions by ex players so is this a smart move by Vince to avoid being placed in a similar position? Maybe we can have an Irwin R Shyster style character to play up the reality.

But if we are in reality then why not ban super kicks. They are used by multiple superstars and they don’t even get a 3 count. Or ban Jack Swagger and Ryback. How many lives have been placed at risk when people get in the ring with these lumps. Also we have a Big Show right hand that delivers a knock out blow. Isn’t this more dangerous than a curb stomp.

It’s already bad enough when a chair shot is delivered to the back when it’s easier to hit the head. Chris Benoit made sure we never see chair shots to the head again but aren’t these guys professionals. Aren’t they supposed to be able to synchronize and escape uninjured.

In a world where MMA thrives the WWE continues to sanitize its product. Where will it end? Blood has been removed. Chair shots to heads removed. Extreme has become “Kiss my arse”. What’s next…Everyone wearing a scrum cap like Rick Steiner did in his tag team days?


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