Is WWE NXT Really A Developmental Brand? – The Briefcase Speaks

By Chirag Upadhyay 

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Is NXT still a developmental territory for young wrestlers or an indie fans wet dream? The Shield: Dean Ambrose (29), Seth Rollins (28) and Roman Reigns (30) are considered the future of the WWE and came up to the main roster around two years ago

However, waiting in the wings in NXT and currently challenging for the titles are older guys such as Samoa Joe (36), Hideo Itami (34), Tyler Breeze (27) Finn Balor (33), Sami Zayn (30) and the current NXT champion, Kevin Owens, who is the ripe old age of 31.

Of course it’s great to see these guys not merely entertain us but also wrestle, which is something seldom seen on the RAW and Smackdown products but when these guys do come to the main roster their bodies will be battered. Is NXT now in the business of producing wrestlers plucked from independents who have in the past 10 years pushed their bodies to extremes in hard hitting, hardcore matches so to have a final testimonial at the WWE? CM Punk’s body gave up on him. Daniel Bryan, ditto. Is this the future NXT was meant to produce?

One aspect of NXT that is the future is the women’s wrestling. Sasha Banks (24) Vs. Becky Lynch (28) stole the show at NXT Unstoppable. Outdoing the headline match between Owens and Zayn. But can the women crossover when Vince and his writing team only afford them 5 minutes on RAW and Smackdown to tell a story in the ring?

Currently NXT seems to be doing a great job in getting people to sign up to the WWE Network, but will it produce any real young stars of the future

The Briefcase thinks not.

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