Is Kevin Owens Too Fat To Be A Serious WWE Contender? – The Briefcase Speaks

By Chirag Upadhyay

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Is Kevin Owens too fat to be a serious WWE contender? Vince would say Hell Yes and Triple H, the body builder, may think so, but he supports NXT

So what the hell is happening to the WWE when the fat dude beats the C-Nation clean at Elimination Chamber? Is this the WWE having its Summer of Owens? Is this WWE saying we can call superstars wrestlers? Is the WWE saying it’s okay to wear some trunks, leg warmers, and a t-shirt to wrestle?

Yes, they let Daniel Bryan have a beard. But that could be explained away as their reach out program to attract vegan hipsters wanting the good life. A small market, a bit like Bryan, but a market all the same.

So is Kevin Owens representing the working class brawlers? The beer swigging types that Austin appealed to? The everyman who punches in, sweats, punches out, drinks 6 beers, then looks in the mirror and instead of the ripples of fat see a superstar body who hits a stunner.

Perhaps or perhaps it’s the same old story.

Is this setting up the usual Cena coming back from adversity and burying Owens like all those before him? You remember then, right? The once great Rusev who is now humiliated by the grinning idiot, Ziggler. Or the monster, Bray Wyatt, who after his encounter with Cena now appears on Smackdown. Or perhaps Ryback, who likes to be fed, but instead was breakfast, lunch and dinner for the cheap pop, cap-throwing winner.

Will the inevitable losses Owens suffers at the next two PPVs cause a change of heart? Owens light. Cholesterol free. No saturated fat guarantee. Instead of a pizza box under his arm now a weekly copy of Muscle & Fitness, featuring on the front cover, the COO and the wife all smug and slim, smiling because their hearts are healthy and beating regularly.

The Briefcase hopes not. It wants irregular. It wants jazz. It wants fight Owens fight, because he moves like Jagger, has more moves than Malenko, talks like Jake The Snake and draws like Leonardo. It wants Kevin Steen.

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