Is George Groves’ Boxing Career Over?

By Sam Oliver

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So, the dust has settled after George Groves’ loss to Badou Jack. Some people have claimed that Groves’ career is finished as three losses is irrecoverable. However, this claim is simply unfounded and is usually made by the people that claim a Mayweather Fight is boring because they are expecting a UFC style bloodbath. Groves will go on to have a successful career for the following reasons:

His Age


Groves has matured way before his time, he is twenty-seven years old and has already been involved in one of the bests feuds in recent memory. Groves is young and still has plenty of time to develop into a top tier fighter. The big difference with Groves is that he was challenged at a very young age. Luke Campbell is the same age as Groves, he has had fights carefully selected and been nurtured from day one. At 27 years old Campbell has not been challenged, don’t be fooled by the Coyle fight. There was never any doubt about the result. By contrast, Groves has had numerous challenges before his 27th birthday, including a Wembley appearance that is currently the most lucrative British fight of all time. When Froch was 30 he was still toiling away on Itv4, not getting much exposure; he was 36 before the biggest fight of his career, which was won in stunning fashion. Ironically, the achievements of his old enemy prove that age is no issue for Groves. Before thirty he is already a household name and will only get bigger and better with more years in the ring.

His Character

groves character

Groves is a very good antagonist, he can be cocky loud mouth,that makes anything he’s involved in must see. Whether it be completing a rubix cube at a press conference, to getting in the face of Carl Froch’s brother (Lee) or entering Webley on a bus he is simply must see. In boxing you need to be able to sell the fight before the fight, this is where charisma is needed, to get people to go out and buy the show. Look at Tyson Fury dressing as Batman to taunt klitschko (A sentence I never thought I would type) boxers are almost always more successful when they are exciting. This is something that Groves has in spades. So as long as he can create drama and intrigue there will always be fights for him and a career to go to.

His Money

No not this man, but he could be very soon

No not this man, but he could be very soon.

In a world (sadly) dominated by Eddie Hearn a man that promotes fights on the basis of whether he needs a new car, if you can make money you will have a place in Eddie Hearn’s universe. As shown by his bouts with Froch he is often the perfect foil for Eddie Hearn and his boxers.  Testament to Groves worth was packing out Wembley for Froch Groves II , which grossed £22 million in sales. So groves is money and his value will only increase like a fine wine as his career progresses.

He needs to prove his doubters wrong

Boxing - WBA and IBF Super Middleweight Title - Carl Froch v George Groves - Phones 4u Arena

This is perhaps the biggest reason, as it will drive Groves from within, and ultimately improve him as a boxer. Whilst it could be argued that his ring work has not been up to scratch as in his recent fight with Badou Jack, because his ring was sloppy at best that night. These failings will only motivate him Groves further and want him to prove his doubters wrong. Take Lee Froch for example a builder that just happens to be brothers will Carl Froch loves taking shots at Groves. This will motivate him to improve his ring work as this is the one aspect that he needs to improve, his charisma and match selling ability is already through the roof.

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