Is Bray Wyatt Really The New Face Of Fear?

By Robert Horton @robhorton86

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I remember the first time I saw Bray Wyatt and the immense excitement I felt at the birth of this new character. An enigmatic cult leader type, a leader with a liquid tongue- Machiavellian. He had it all, and the stooges to boot in Harper and Rowan. And so they were fittingly named, The Wyatt family. Over the many years that I’ve watched wrestling, I’ve seen great stables come and go: D-generation X, The Ministry of Darkness, The Straight Edge Society. All of whom have been able to captivate an audience; so much so that it didn’t matter whether we were supposed to boo or cheer them. The Wyatt Family falls into this category; very soon Wyatt, and indeed his family, will be considered one of the greatest wrestling stables of all time!

Wyatt has never even held a title at WWE, so why argue he’s the new ‘Man?’ Wyatt is off that fabric that doesn’t need to hold a title to get over. For Wyatt it doesn’t even matter if he wins or loses. He is an entity above this, he is the soap-opera that keeps on giving. The WWE realise this and that is why he is always booked so strong- win or lose. Let’s consider some of his most recognised feuds to date: Wyatt has had rivalries with Kane, Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns and John Cena. Regardless of your own personal feelings towards these superstars it is impossible not to consider them as top-level superstars and athletes. Yet Wyatt has more than held his own against these opponents; in many ways serving as a more than able antagonist to the baby face heroes. Overall, Wyatt wasn’t even victorious in these rivalries, because in the final matches his hand hasn’t been raised in victory. But what’s a battle when you win the war? All of Wyatt’s opponents had to dig and find something dark in themselves to win; exactly what he wanted in the first place- to show their screaming fans that these wrestlers are not as perfectly good as they imply.

In addition to these great rivalries, let’s not forget this year’s Royal Rumble run. Wyatt had been pretty quiet after defeating Ambrose at Hell in a Cell- cleanly I might add. But boy did he declare some intent at the Rumble. He entered at 5, lasted 47 minutes, eliminated 6-including Daniel Bryan, and it took Big Show and Kane to eliminate him- surely one of the Rumble performances of all time. All of which set him up for his biggest and most important feud to date.

A measure of a wrestler’s value to WWE is their feuds, and they don’t come bigger than the chalice that is Undertaker at WrestleMania- not even Cena has had this opportunity at the Deadman. But Wyatt had this faith placed firmly on his shoulders- let’s not forget that Taker can’t work like he used to, so a lot of responsibility is on the opponent to sell the match. No disappointments. None.  Even with Undertaker coming in on the back of that historic defeat against Lesnar, the build-up was still intense and suspense-building. The Rocking chair exploding into fire and Wyatt laughing at it was a perfect precursor to the match. He wasn’t scared. He was ready.  The match itself was good, not brilliant, but good- the highlight being when Wyatt hit his signature exorcist-inspired bridge only for the Undertaker to sit up, leaving Wyatt cowering. Wyatt lost that match, but when you get Taker at Mania- you’ve already won.

And now here we are in November and Wyatt off the back of a good Reigns feud and excellent final match at hell in a cell. What do the WWE creative decide to put together in time for the 25th anniversary for Taker? A stable feud. The Brothers of Destruction, and The Wyatt’s. Dear God I can’t wait for the carnage of the crypt keepers to follow!

This is why the New Face of Fear really is the New Man at WWE. If you take into account his stable in opposition to the ministry, they have the potential to be just as memorable to the younger generation of WWE fans as the Ministry of Darkness is to my generation. His excellent promos and haunting catch phrases make him arguably better on the microphone than Taker himself and he has a timeless get up. Audiences will be able to enjoy/ fear his aura for years to come.

In Wyatt WWE have found their Deadman for the next 25 years- he has the same charisma as the taker character, but more relevance to today’s generation of fans. He never needs a belt to get over, because so many do and will: Follow the buzzards.

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