How To Pimp A Butterfly Rewrote Hip Hop History

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The Compton native indicates that his mission is to develop on Tupac’s message through his art with themes of systematic racism, personal insecurities and social anxieties explored through the track list

Kicking against the archetypal hip hop codes of pimps, hoes and glorifying criminality. In true Kendrick fashion, the melodies and sound waves are consistently vibrant despite the dark subject matter. Unlike many conscious rappers, Kendrick does not loath about a negative subject but dives into the heart of the situation from all angles while the live saxophone and bass guitar offers a groovy backdrop to his hard hitting vocals.

Kendrick kicks off the album as a cocky emerging artist in Wesley’s Theory but the listener soon realises that his love for the industry has led to Kendrick questioning himself and become depressed in U. The rapper then notices that he now has answers to the questions that he didn’t know he had as the album comes into a full circle on Mortal Man.

Many modern rap lovers will not be used to the flamboyant sound that this album has an abundance of but Lamar has introduced a whole generation of music fans to the origins of hip hop while still sounding fresh and innovative. This album truly fulfills hip hop’s potential with controversial subject matters, catchy harmonies, smooth bass-lines, witty lyricism and hard hitting drums. To Pimp a Butterfly is a must listen for those who not only love organic hip hop but for music buffs as a whole.

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