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A recent Donald Trump rally, scheduled for Chicago was called off after violence broke at Illinois University.

This scuff came as as a result of the businessman’s outbreak of support from US Republicans during his campaign, which has in turn attracted huge protests.

This time last year, it was a running joke that Trump would be taken as a serious presidential candidate, with a wave of memes and skits mocking his outrageous comments about immigrants and that he would date his daughter if she wasn’t his.

A year later, Trump has been leading Republican polls state after state and has a cult following that worship every word he says. So how did this tangerine mass the following he has in such a short amount of time? argues that it is because of all of us. The internet is filled with Trump GIFs, articles and tweets, with most of the content either highlighting Trump’s audacity or mocking him.

This attention however means that he’s been getting more attention than any other candidate and this isn’t any accident. The billionaire knows how to market and he had mastered the rule that “Any publicity is good publicity”. South Park predicted that this would happen earlier on in their last season and once again they have proved to be right. Jokes can be taken too seriously in this day and age.

Trump himself is an articulated man with a history of working with partners from all sorts of backgrounds but politicians need to mass support and he knows exactly who his target audience is. Conservative, rural, white Americans with xenophobia have all flocked to the man with the pout. Trump himself probably doesn’t believe a word of what he says himself but he knows he can have millions in the palm of his hands by saying what they want to hear.

There are also millions that oppose Trump but this also means that millions will read articles or watch videos to see what he’s said next regardless of their stance, which in turn, news companies give him more exposure as it makes them more money. Trump had risen at a time of increased Islamophobia and racial tension in the west, with many fearing immigrants refugees.

This fear is directly related to the lack of education with a recent survey showing that Trump’s highest percentage of supporters come from those that lack strong academic background. The lack of education means the abundance of ignorance as supporters will take everything the man says at face value as they are looking to scapegoat their problems on Mexicans and Muslims.

Now, bigots aren’t the only ones that are supporting Trump. Many may vote for the man simply because of familiarity. The celebrity has been on the TV screens of American living rooms for decades. Whether it’s Miss Universe or The Apprentice, he has been a household figure in USA in one form or another. A familiar face gives that extra trust that a stranger politician doesn’t. The common person doesn’t know the history of Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio but they’ll be acquainted Trump’s cameos in WWE!

Trump has simply used his charisma and consumer knowledge to play a very clever game to garner attention for the election. There is no doubt that he knows how to go to market but just as a profitable business runs – the man at the top will reap the rewards while those under him will slave away for a

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