Hot Chip – Why Make Sense? Review

By Julian Morton 

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It was a strange time in 2010. LCD Soundsystem had dropped their final album, just as they were hitting the sort of creative form that elevates a band from NME hype band to artists remembered throughout the ages

Culminating in a show at Madison Square Garden, as balloons fell down on a disco-ball illuminated, MD fuelled audience that were laughing, crying and making out as the curtains drew. I talk about LCD Soundsystem because Al Doyle, a member of LCD Soundsystem is part of the line-up of Hot Chip. They themselves were once considered indie dance gods of the increasingly worrying far away year of 2006. The single Over And Over dropped 9 years ago, and it’s still considered on the new indie dance floor at Mosh Leicester on a Friday night. The definition of New Indie seems to be losing all meaning but I digress.

My relationship with Hot Chip and LCD Soundsystem was shallow as such up until 2012 when I gave myself in and listened in depth to their back catalogues, starting with LCD’s This Is Happening & Hot Chips In Our Heads. Now my feelings towards both bands are an awful lot more affectionate; Dance music on it’s most raw levels. 4 on the floor beats, weird synth sounds that wouldn’t fit anywhere else in the world and an emotional sensitivity that wouldn’t feel out of place on a Sufjan Stevens record. So what about Why Make Sense? Is it worth your time? Of course it is. Huarache Lights, I Need You Now, the closing title track Why Make Sense? will stand up in the back catalogue as fan favourites for sure.

The deeper cuts are on the album are rich full of catchy, dance pop and electronic ballads featuring ever unique vocal stylings from diminutive, nerd-chic styled frontman Alexis Taylor. It’s really great to see a band age well over time and still be consistent over 10 years later. The limelight may not be on them, but that’s probably the best way for Hot Chip to exist on the landscape of British pop. Cherished by the few die-hards, appreciated on the dance floor when the Dj throws a curve ball, and only the very minor few would actually have a bad word to say about them. Give this album a listen and be thankful for a band who just wants to make you dance.

Why Make Sense? is out on Monday 21st of May.

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