Gig Review: Eric Bellinger Brings Rhythm To The Jazz Cafe

By Eva Astreinidou

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Eric Bellinger, songwriter and collaborator for the likes of Chris Brown and Usher, performed his heavyweight R&B songs last Thursday at Camden’s Jazz Cafe.

“This gon’ be your favourite song” is Eric Bellinger’s signature phrase. This kind of proclamation is big in the game of R&B and hip hop, and even more astute in Bellinger’s case.

Sadly, his performance was a mixed bag. For an artist so adept at charming a crowd, Bellinger should really know better than to let an audience choose his songs. This, combined with the backing tracks being too loud, merely made for a disruptive set, which might otherwise have been dynamic from start to finish.

On a positive note, the Compton born artist had really shone when his songs were sung in acapella. When he belted out Casual (a song about a casual romance going sour), for example, or danced along to radio-friendly, Valet, it affirmed not only his position as a key player of the genre,  but also his talent for writing sultry R&B music.

Eric Bellinger’s new album Eric B for President: Term 1 is available to download on iTunes, or to stream on Spotify. Alternatively you can follow him on Twitter.

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