Flashback Fridays: Top 5 rap songs about safe sex

By Anton Constantinou

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Flashback Fridays celebrates everything old skool and timeless about hip hop: classic tracks,  vintage flicks, past gigs. Each week we’ll be diggin’ in the crates to bring you the best throwback shizzle on offer. Enjoy!

The big fear in the news right now is the Zika virus. The mosquito borne virus has been linked to everything from microcephaly in young babies, to fever, malaise, rashes and conjunctivitis. So far it’s caused catastrophic damage in South and Central America, now looks as if its spread to Europe.  The World Health Organisation are so worried they’ve called a public health emergency on it.

In a dramatic first for the virus, Dallas health officials have recently confirmed a case of Zika being sexually transmitted. The story goes that patient became infected with the virus it after having sex with someone who contracted it abroad. It begs the question: will Zika cause a generation of men to wrap up in fear in the same way that HIV has done.

Hip hop is no stranger to narratives of safe safe, which go hand in hand with themes like growing up, responsibility and respect for women.  It’s the counter argument to many tracks out there on hedonism and misogny, and goes right to heart of the what genre’s about: rising above a bad situation. Had Eazy E of practicised safe sex he might still be alive today.

With worries of safe sex fresh in our mind, here are 5 classic hip hop tracks which tackle the theme head on:

Big L- Clinic (Should’ve Worn A Rubba)

Eric Sermon- Safe Sex

A Tribe Called Quest- Pubic Enemy

ODB- Raw Hide


Salt-N-Pepa- Lets Talk About Sex

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