Top 5 Must Know Facts about ODB (R.I.P)

By Anton Constantinou

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11 years ago, hip hop lost the legend that is Ol’ Dirty Bastard. As one of the founding members of Wu Tang Clan, he played a pivitol role in the success of one of rap’s greatest groups of all time.

Make no mistake about it though, the guy was an absolute nutter. Best remembered for his profane, free associative rhymes, ODB was one of the foulest, most outlandish emcees to ever grace the mic. And for that reason he was also an awful lot of fun. Rather than bombard you with a lengthy analysis of his music though, we’ve instead decided to keep it light and fun. In no particular order, here are the top 5 must know facts about ODB:

1.) He changed to Dirt Mc Girt- shortly before he died

Yes, it’s ridiculous, and yes it rhymes. Dirt Mc Dirt was the original name of his third album, A Son Unique.

2.) He was on Welfare

Those familiar with the artwork with for his solo album, Return to the 36 Chambers, will know this only too well. The front cover is basically his welfare card blown up to scale.

3.) He was also in another group- Force of the Imperial Master

Formed together with cousins Robert Diggs (RZA) and Gary Grice (GZA)- who also shared his love for rap and martial arts flicks. The group was later renamed All In Together Now, before eventually settling on Wu Tang Clan, with the arrival of 6 other members.

4.) His official cause of death was a lethal mixture of tramadole and cocaine

Dirty didn’t shy away from drug use in his lyrics.

5.) It’s thought he may have been involved in three murders and a shoot out with police

According to his FBI profile, which was released to the public in 2012

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