Flashback Fridays: R Kelly, Thank God It’s Friday

By Anton Constantinou

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Flashback Fridays celebrates everything old skool and timeless about hip hop: classic tracks,  vintage flicks, past gigs. Each week we’ll be diggin’ in the crates to bring you the best throwback shizzle on offer. Enjoy!

Come the end of the week, there’s no greater sensation than the “Friday feeling”. For most young professionals it’s the perfect  excuse to get drunk, leave work early, and lie-in the next day. Getting into spirit of it often requires a bit of music though. Club anthems are great for getting the weekend started early, as is a bit of cheese. Then again,a tune which actually addresses the Friday feeling directly is even better.

Thank God It’s Friday by R Kelly  is an awesome example. Okay, it’s not a jump-up track, nor is it really hip hop. Lyric wise though it couldn’t be more on-point. All the key ingredients are given: “party nights”, “disco lights”, “people swaying” , “music playing”. Kelly also works in the line, ” Take some time out for yourself”, perhaps as a reminder that the weekend is also a time for unwinding. This is without doubt one of R Kelly’s classiest records to date. The beat is silky smooth and video couldn’t be more stylish. Taking you back to ’96, here is Thank God It’s Friday.

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