Flashback Fridays: Jeru the Damaja, Can’t Stop the Prophet

By Anton Constantinou 

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Flashback Fridays celebrates everything old skool and timeless about hip hop: classic tracks,  vintage flicks, past gigs. Each week we’ll be diggin’ in the crates to best you the best throwback shizzle on offer. Enjoy!

It’s back to 94′ this week with an absolute banger from none other than Jeru the Damaja: master all things metaphysical in hip hop. He’s preachy, rugged sounding, cocksure and has brought us a whole host of classics ranging, Come Clean, Ya Playing Yaself and 99.9%. Our track of choice  is, Can’t Stop The Prophet: a dark, apocalyptic tale of a divine teacher taking on the forces of evil personified: Ignorance, Deceit, Hatred, Jealousy, Anger, Animosity and Envy. Arguably one of his best tracks off the album, The Sun Rises In the East, it comes in two versions: the original by DJ Premier, and a Pete Rock remix which will absolutely blow your mind. The former promises sinister horns, twinkling piano chords and head bopping drums; the latter, choppy basslines, pulsating echoes and scratching so sharp it could make a ninja flinch.  Better still, a music video was released- the format chosen is a trippy, cutout animation of  gargoyle-like characters on street corners, which perfectly carries the figurative story. Here’s the Pete Rock version of the video:

Cant Stop the Prophet is not only a timeless joint, but a coming together of two of the greatest producers in hip hop  as they battle it out  for ownership. We personally prefer the Pete Rock version, but we’ll let you be the judge.


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