Flashback Fridays: Halloween: Top 5 Scariest Rap Songs

By Anton Constantinou

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Greetings, ghouls and goblins. To get you in the spirit for Halloween tomorrow, we’re turning back the clock to some of hip hop’s scariest releases.

Whether through morbid lyrics, a dark beat or a terrifying music video- or a combination of the three- there are certain tunes which never fail to inspire fear or send a chill up your spine. Here’s our top 5:

1.) Notorious Big- Suicidal Thoughts

One long verse played out as a telephone conversation from Big to Puff .  During the call, Biggie self loathes and admits to wanting to kill himself. Imagining what life might be like without him, he contemplates heaven and hell and says him mum would have been better off had he never been born. The final gunshot confirms what we already knew from the start: that Biggie is ready to die and not afraid to admit to it.

2.) Immortal Technique- Dance With The Devil

Storytelling at its most sinister, darkened further by the melancholy piano loop. Rapper and Activist, Technique, gives a true to life account of rape, murder and betrayal so terrifying you’d swear it didn’t happen. The twist at the end leaves little to the imagination.

3.) Dr Octagon- Blue Flowers

Master of all things weird, Dr Octagon, known alternately as Kool Keith, delivered one of his eeriest raps yet with the release of Blue Flowers in 1996. As featured on the album, Dr Octagonecologyst, it references everything from the holocaust to the operating room, with little to no sense of order among the madness. The song comes in two major versions: the original and Automator remix- both with videos to accompany. We’ll let you decide which is the scarier of the two.

4.) Gravediggaz- Diary of A Madman

One of the early originators of horrorcore: a sub genre of hip hop focused almost entirely on horror-themed lyrical content and imagery.  This joint, from their debut album, 6 Feet Deep, sees the group members pleading insanity on grounds that evil sprits have possessed them and made them commit murder. Producer, RZA, serves up a suitably macabre beat with some ghostly wails in the background. The video paints the picture perfectly.

5.) Big L- Devil’s Son

Big L at arguably his most controversial. Devil’s Son was so offensive it actually got banned from the radio. While no stranger to rapping about dark topics, The harlem emcee went all out barbaric on this track, laying down lyrics like, “I run through church and pistol whip every sunday” and “I be stalking lennox, catching more bodies than abortion clinics”. The final shout out to serial killers, psycho’s, lunatics, crackheads and mental patients is but a reference point to the types of people who might associate with this song.


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