Flashback Friday: 50 Cent’s top 5 stupidest moments

By Anton Constantinou - @Aberrantin

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Flashback Fridays celebrates everything old skool and timeless about hip hop: classic tracks,  vintage flicks, past gigs

50 cent is in the news for all the wrong reasons at the moment. The American rapper, actor and entrepreneur, was earlier this month criticised for mocking an autistic airport worker.

The Get Rich or Die Trying Star is said to have tweeted an incriminating video of the kid after coming into contact with him at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport. Fiddy thought the kid was high, writing: “the new generation is crazy”. Unsurprisingly, the autistic teenager, Andrew Farrell – who was neither drunk nor stoned at the time – failed to see the funny side of things and at one point threatened to sue unless the rapper donated $1 million to his go fund me page and issue a public apology.

In the end of a settlement of $100,000 was reached, and apology made to Andrew’s family. Donating the funds to Autism Speaks, 50 said, “I want to turn this misunderstanding into an understanding”. He added, “I am calling on my fellow musicians, actors, entertainers and all others who may not have fully considered this cause to join together to help in any way they can”.

But this isn’t the first time Fiddy’s landed himself in hot water for being an utter imbecile. Flashing back to some of his biggest boneheaded blips, here are his top 5 stupidest moments:

5.) The kiss-miss

The self professed P.I.M.P couldn’t have looked like more of a muppet when television personality Erin Andrews parred him off during a Daytona 500 event.

4.) Attempting to cry on cue

Let’s be honest, he’s not exactly famous for making sensitive music, nor is his acting ability anything to rave about. So any attempt on his part to cry on cue during a film audition was always destined to go tits-up.

3.) Getting Rushed to hospital after listening to Fat Joe

Okay, Fiddy, you may not be Joey Crack’s biggest fan, but really, REALLY?!!!!

2.) THAT pitch during a Mets Game

He may have been “in da club” at one stage, but after this pitch it’s safe to say he made the bench.

1.) Falling during a Vitaminwater ad

His partnership with energy brand Glaceau to form enhanced water drink, Formula50, may have netted him $100 million at one stage, but here the Vitaminwater spokesman appeared to hit a bit of stumbling block.

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