Father’s Day Flashback – Top 5 dad raps

By Anton Constaninou | @Aberrantin

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Happy Father’s Day! As millions around the world gather to spoil their dads, light a candle in their memory, or think a little on the men that were never there, Highlight Nation has decided to take a look at what the big day means in the hip hop community.


Often the main message which hits home in rap music is “absent fathers”. As a music form with its roots in the ghetto, hip hop originates from a place where single mothers have to go it on their own; where young men ruled by their impulses refuse to wrap up and stand by their responsibilities in a vicious circle which creates both fatherless children on the one hand, and misguided adults on the other.

It follows that since since the dawn of rap, there’s been song after song recounting the struggle, which in turn has extended to talk of drugs and gang life.

Not all dad rap has been on the negative side however. Some songs have instead focused on the magic of what being a father brings.  But rather than bore you with a track by track breakdown, we’ve hand selected some of the tightest out there. Here are 5 of the best:

1.) Common feat Lauryn Hill – Retrospect For Life

2.)  Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs – Be A Father To Your Child

3.) Shaquille O’Neal – Biological Didn’t Bother

4.) Saigon – Fatherhood 

5.) Will Smith – Just The Two Of Us

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