Fantasy booking – Kaval’s WWE Run

By David Travers - @GuannacoTRAVERS

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This article will be looking at Kaval’s short sint in the WWE. We will focus on Kaval in NXT/ WWE and how I would personally book him during his time in the company.

Lets kick things off shall we. Kaval  or as  nearly all wrestling fans will remember him as Lowki from his days in Japan and Total Nonstop Action. He was originally called Kawal upon signing with WWE but this was later changed to Kaval. He wrestled a few dark matches  in the WWE against Primo, Paul Birchull and Goldust. He was already signed to the then developmental brand Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW). in January of 2009 he was sidelined with a leg injury that kept him out of action until October of the same year.

Although his time in FCW was quite short, he still produced some good matches, using his arsenal of stiff kicks and a general good ground game, an example is the match against Bryan Danielson, in his debut match in FCW, also winning a number one contenders match in a triple threat match. He along with Michael McGillicuty won the FCW tag team championship although they then dropped the titles back to Los Aviadores which consisted of Hunico and Epico, after only being champions for a day.

WWE announced that Kaval would be a participant in the second season of NXT a mixture of reality television and WWE scripted programming. Despite having a 3 win 6 loss record Kaval won the second season of the show,  and was then beaten by all the other NXT season 2 competitors. Having won the second season he was granted a title match of his choosing on the main roster.

Kaval’s arrival in the main roster was anything but good, having won  the show, the creative team just did not have anything for him in terms of storylines.  His matches ended with him either being pinned or submitted, he did earn a sport on the TEAM SMACKDOWN roster to take on TEAM RAW at the annual Bragging Rights Pay-Per-View (PPV) after laster five minutes in the ring  with Big Show, but then was challenged by fellow Smackdown wrestler Tyler Reks who went on to beat Kaval thus taking taking Kaval’s spot on  TEAM SMACKDOWN  at Bragging Rights.

After getting his first win on Smackdown by defeating Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler in a non title match  then deciding to cash in his championship contract that he had won as a result of winning season  2 of NXT. Kaval  faced Ziggler at the 2010 Survivor Series Pay-Per-View (PPV)  but was unsuccessful in gaining the championship. Although that was Kaval’s only big match in the company, on the December 17th episode of Smackdown he teamed with Kofi Kingston in a winning effort against  Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre. Kaval was later released from the company wrestling his last match on December 21st against McIntyre in a losing effort he was released two days later on December 23rd.

*Now this is how I would of booked Kaval  in the WWE*

This is how I would of done things. I  still would of had him win NXT season 2 but, not  have him debut straight away. I would of had Lay-Cool as a heel duo in the Women’s Division. Debut Kaval  later on maybe around the time of Bragging Rights, after releasing video footage announcing the arrival of Kaval. have the video footages pop up during some wrestling matches such as, Rey Mysterio, Chavo Guerrero, Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan  have him  start off as a heel, had him win a few loose a few. Have Kaval’s name changed back to Lowki as he is the world warrior, he wants to keep the legacy and name of Lowki going.

*lets face it Brandon Silvestry who portrays Kaval is better as a heel wrestler than face as his combat style is very stiff  unlike Daniel Bryan whose offence is a lot more mobile.*

After having him wrestle a good amount of matches and establishing Lowki as a heel, I would have enter a brief feud with Daniel Bryan in a few matches on both Raw and Smackdown but mainly have Lowki appear on Smackdown.  the matches they have had in the indies had been really good, so would have them engage in a brief feud but I know they would bring great matches and would get a good solid crowd reaction, I would then have  Lowki get involved after Bryan defeated Ziggler at Bragging Rights. Have this as the start of his feud with Dolph Ziggler.

*Ok so Bryan has beaten Ziggler in an inter promotional match, just as the two shake hands on a well fought match, to which has the fans applauding the match and the two wrestlers, then suddenly  the lights dim and the Chinese lettering for warrior appears on the titan tron, then Lay-Cool and they announce WWE’s newest warrior, enters Lowki.*

Lowki makes his way to the ring, and just stares at Bryan and Ziggler,  by this point the crowd is going nuts as they know who Lowki is and what he is capable of. Bryan knowing full well what Lowki is like says screw this I’m out, and Lowki steps aside and lets Bryan exit the ring.

Lowki stares at Bryan as he walks up the ramp, and then turns his attention to Ziggler, they have a brief stare down, before Lowki points at the Intercontinental title, to which Ziggler looks down, as if to say this? Ziggler then lifts up the belt, Lowki silently nods and then exits the ring.

This sets up them having a few matches on Smackdown with Lowki picking up the victories. Now we arrive at Survivor Series. Lowki is cashing in his title match against Ziggler,  so in one corner we have Lowki accompanied to the ring by Lay-Cool and in the other Dolph Ziggler with his manager Vickie Guerrero.  Ziggler puts up a good fight, but is now match for Lowki who controls the match on offence before putting Ziggler away with the Warriors Way. showing why he has won so many championships through his career.

Lay-Cool enter the ring to celebrate with him, he picks up the mic, and says to then I won this championship through hard work, I did this by myself, I don’t need you anymore now that I am champion, and storms past them leaving them saddened. This would result in Lay-Cool becoming face.

Now Lowki is the new Intercontinental Champion, he defeats Ziggler once more at TLC. He then starts to issue open challenges, after picking up victories over Rey Mysterio, Justin Gabriel, Kofi Kingston and Drew McIntyre. Lowki then addresses how he is yet to have a worthy challenger. Enters  Rob Van Dam,  the six time Intercontinental Champion then challenges  Lowki to a hardcore match to which Lowki accepts to face RVD at Elimination Chamber.

The match is epic, back and forth, no one giving an inch, Lowki gets the win, cleanly pinning RVD, after RVD missed the 5 star front splash and Lowki  hits Warriors Way. Rob Van Dam extends his hand, Lowki just turns and exits the ring.  Lowki is not seen at the Royal Rumble PPV but, he does  makes two appearances before mania, one on Raw and one on Smackdown, on Raw talks about, how he wants to steal the show, and have his WrestleMania moment, everyone thinks he is calling out Shawn Michaels, but no one comes out.

 On Smackdown he again addresses the fans, about WrestleMania, Rob Van Dam enters, and issues a challenge for Lowki, but Lowki just goes I’ve beaten you once I don’t need to do it again, if you want a match you need to up the ante. RVD then says why don’t put our careers on the line in a ladder match. Lowki then says You’re on. RVD extends his hand again but once again Lowki rejects it and walks away.

They have a 5 star match with RVD picking up the win, then pulls Lowki to his feet, and extends his hand for the third time but, this time Lowki accepts and shakes his hand, before leaving the ring and the WWE to the chants of That was awesome.

*That Ladies and Gentlemen is how I would of booked Lowki in the WWE.*


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