Fantasy Booking: Edge vs Seth Rollins – Who Is The Better Heel Champ?

By Matt Vare - @Matt_Vare

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Over the next 7 weeks, I will be booking 7 fantasy feuds from within WWE, involving past and present superstars. Some will be what fans will expect and would book themselves, some will be my own personal feuds that I would like to see and others would be what is ‘Best for business’ and would make the most money or sell the most PPV’s.

They all involve past vs present superstars, with 6 single feuds and one six man tag. I will preview the feuds, promos, matches, how best to end the feud and who comes out on top. Enjoy!

Week one

Edge vs Seth Rollins

Their meeting on Raw a few weeks ago had all die hard fans drooling at the mouth in anticipation, the drooling quickly turned to tears moments later when it dawned on everyone that this amazing feud would never ever happen.

We all know about Edge’s bad neck and the fact he can never wrestle again, but fans imaginations ran wild thinking about any potential build up and matches these two could have.

The quality of matches between these two would be some of the best ever seen, there’s no question about that, but the build up, the promos between the two, the sneak attacks and the bragging about who’s best and who has the upper hand would be what captivates the viewers and draws them in.

Unfortunately we can only go on what Seth Rollins has achieved so far when we compare the two, but it’s safe to say that the WWE and Seth have plans to make him the top superstar of this generation and into the next one too. But if we compare the two, we have Rollins, who in his first 3 years with the company has won the Tag Team Titles, the US Title, the Money in the Bank contract, main evented countless PPV’s and won the WWE World Heavyweight Title by cashing in his Money in the Bank in the main event of Wrestlemania. Rollins has an extremely good head start on all of the other Superstars of his generation and will probably rival Edge very closely on number of accomplishments when it comes to calling it a day.

Edge’s accomplishments are something you’d expect multiple superstars to achieve not just one, winning over 30 championships. Edge was a 14 time tag team champion with 6 different tag team partners, a 5 time Intercontinental Champion, a 1 time US Champion, A Money in the bank winner with two cash ins overall, a Royal Rumble winner, a King of the Ring winner, an 11 time WWE World Heavyweight Champion and a WWE Hall of Famer.

What captivates me about this feud is not the quality of the matches, and not the quality of the promos and the back and forth arguments, even though both would be epic and steal any show. What captivates me is how both men would use underhanded tactics to one up each other. You’ve got the cold and calculated ‘Architect’ in one corner, plotting his every move carefully, and ‘The Ultimate Opportunist’ in the other corner ready to capitalise on any mistake Rollins makes. For me this feud would be a back and forth game of who can one up each other the most, with both men using dirty tactics to steal victories from the other. This feud could easily span 6 months, across 7-8 PPV’s, all main events, and that speaks volumes about both men.

For me personally there has to be a World Title involved. This would be traded back and forth between both men, with both men fighting to be ‘the guy’ in the company.

Edge would be the champion going into the feud, with Rollins winning the title after a couple of months, Edge winning the title back in quick fashion with Rollins finally winning the title back and ending the feud, proving that ‘The Architect’ is also ‘The Man’ when it comes to the WWE, besting Edge but earning the Hall of Famer’s respect.

There is only one way this feud would culminate and that’s in the main event of Wrestlemania in front of 70-80,000 people, where these two men can showcase what they’re all about and show why they are the two best ‘heels’ of their respective generations.

The winner of the feud and the man walking out as Champion, is Seth Rollins, but the real winners of this feud, are the fans.

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  • ElPapaDiablo

    October 13, 2015 at 7:21 am Reply

    This is a good article. What I like about it is that we could never see it due to Edge’s neck injury. Damn shame. I would go with Edge being the better Heel champ, but Seth could get there .

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