The Changing Faces Of WWE – Which Superstars Will Soon Turn?

By Scott Whitley

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Few things are certain in the world of pro wrestling. Sure you can pretty much guarantee a face will ultimately win the war after losing a few battles and a heel will somehow cheat his or her way to a title.

One thing that will happen is that a face will fall from grace and become a heel and a heel with see the error of their terrible ways and transform into a face.

My question is who should make the next big heel and face turns.

Face to Heel – Dean Ambrose

dean ambrose face

OK, I imagine there are some Ambrose fans out there saying what the fudge are you talking about son! Just hear me out. Dean Ambrose is currently in WWE limbo, acting as nothing more than the stooge for one Roman Reigns.He is better than that, and has the charisma and in ring ability to carry story lines all on his lonesome. Anyone who has seen his countless battles with the vacated champ, Seth Rollins will attest to that fact that Ambrose is a main event player not the right hand man of a potential main eventer.

By having Ambrose turn heel, it would allow him to move away from the shadow of the shield and Roman Reigns and into the glorious sunshine of heeldom, in the process giving WWE a new primary heel in the absence of Rollins. Because let’s be honest other than the above mentioned Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt and may be Kevin Owens, there are no quality heels.

The great thing about the lunatic fringe character is that it could quite easily transfer to heel status without as much as a blink. You could literally have him taking out Reigns or Ziggler with a chair and boom, he’s a heel. Although a turn against Reigns may actually make him more popular. If I was a WWE Writer, and God willing one day I will be! I would take the slow burn with Ambrose

Heel to Face – Rusev

rusev 2015

Again, I know. People are like what the frigs man! So I say again, hear me out. In recent weeks Rusev has abandoned the Russian angle and is now just strutting around in his Bulgarian attire no longer an enemy of capitalism, just a brute. He is currently somewhat lost in the on-going intercontinental title feud between Owens and Ryback, like Ambrose just a spare part, trying to remain relevant. What brought me to this conclusion was the following. When Reigns and Ambrose unveiled their secret tag partner, I was as happy as anyone to hear the Jericho theme kick in but they needed an enforcer, they needed a brute, they needed Rusev.

While he is a good heel, you can’t really do anything other than his slanderous hatred towards the old US. He needs a change and a face turn, perhaps beating Owens or helping Ryback may send him on a more interesting trajectory. Personally, I believe a pairing with a lesser face would be the way to get him over with the fans. I’m just spit balling here, but perhaps having him come to the rescue of Neville after he is unceremoniously attacked in the ring by Stardust and the Ascension. It would be played like Rusev has aligned with the heels only for him to begin tearing them apart and clearing the ring.

The weeks that follow would see him teaming with Neville against various foes but also acting as an enforcer when the odds are stacked against various undercard faces. The best way to bring him full circle would be to have him come down and help out Cena. Sure this may not put Rusev in the title picture but it would help him build on his blistering start which has now plateaued. After breaking off the engagement with Summer Rae and announcing his real life engagement to Lana the ravishing Russian, who is totally over with fans, this actually could be a possibility.

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