Exclusive – Roman Reigns tells Highlight Nation that he will walk out of the WrestleMania as WWE Champion

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Highlight Nation were amongst the best of the best today leading into Wrestlemania including the challenger for the WWE Championship, Roman Reigns

We managed to get a few words from the Royal Rumble winner as we attended the WrestleMania press conference in San Francisco

“My goal is not to be the next anything, it’s to be the first Roman Reigns. That’s what people will see over time, i’m not going to do it anyone else’s way except my own.” ┬áStated Reigns,┬ástrong words from the Samoan Badass who has been getting a lot of stick recently in regards to being in the main event at WrestleMania.

A cool, calm and collect Reigns showed that nothing is fazing him as he looks ahead to the biggest match of his career. He may not be over with the fans just yet, but his heart is in the right place.

“It’s time that the WWE Championship goes from town to town, to town, to town, to town.” Reigns continued.

There’s no argument when it comes to questioning how Brock Lesnar performs as a Champion, when he shows up, but it’s time for the WWE title to come home and regain the prestigious value it had when the likes of The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin wore it around their waist.

Many people don’t believe Roman Reigns can pull off a win against Brock Lesnar this Sunday, but Reigns doesn’t seem to care about what anyone thinks. He believes in himself and nothing can make him stronger than he already is.

“Brock hits people a lot, you don’t see Brock get hit a lot. Get ready to see Brock get hit a lot!” Concluded the former Shield member.

You can feel the confidence oozing out of Reigns and he’s not afraid to throw a Superman Punch or two to get the job done. One thing’s for sure is that it’s going to be one hell of a slobber knocker come Sunday and if Reigns walks away with the title held above his head, it would have be fully deserved and earned.

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