We on a Euro tour with Loyle Carner my man

By Anton Constantinou

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In February this year we were all over Loyle Carner ahead of his nationwide tour. Now the UK hip hop artist is back on the road and making his way across Europe.

So, what’s new ? Well, Summer 2016 has seen Carner performing at various festivals including Afropunk, Bestival and Latitude, where, in his own words he delivered: “the best show I’ve ever played in my entire life”.

He also has several new tracks out. Stars and shards, dropped back in May, is a darkly comic bookesque track about an innocent kid gone wrong: “cutest of the children always displaying a dimple… But an awkward spine left him severed over single”.

Much like Immortal Technique’s Dance with the Devil, Carner’s central character is despairing, intent on doing drugs and causing harm. Black and white animation provide a sort of Persepolis look to the video, allowing the song to tell a grim story in a classic fairytale sort of way.

Recent release, No CD, is a guitar driven hip hop-rock crossover about being young broke and creative. In the music video, Carner and his buddies bear resemblance to an old school posse, as they chill at home, and drop vibes in the attic. Evidence of head bopping and a retro TV on the wall create a distinctly 90s feel which seems to inform a lot of Carner’s music.

Elsewhere, the South London rapper found time this August to participate in a cooking program, which involved him teaching teenagers with ADHD how to get creative in the kitchen. The respect it’s garnered him outside of music puts him on good stead for bigger and better things.

His upcoming tour, which takes him right through to November, includes gigs in Paris, Eindhoven and Hamburg. For tickets, click HERE. You can also hit Carner up on Twitter @LoyleCarner

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