Easter Special: Run Rabbit Run by Eminem

By Anton Constantinou

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Happy Easter Hip Hoppers! To see in this year’s holiday, we’ve hit you with a classic bunny titled track from the self proclaimed B-Rabbit, Eminem.

Run Rabbit Run, released 2002, is 3 minutes of straight fire. A  high energy, metaphor loaded joint which, despite featuring on the 8 Mile soundtrack, remains one of his more underrated songs.

The movie score type beat and epic build up, make for highly motivational listening. As do lyrics like “Build up the dutch/ I’m about to tear shit up” and “Fuck the clock/ Imma make them eat this watch”, which feature throughout.

This is Lose Yourself’s gritty young brother:  no hooks, no respite, just a brutal bunny sprint from start to finish. Here’s Run Rabbit Run:

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