Drogas Announced As the 1st of 3 Albums From Lupe Fiasco in 2016

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The first album will be called ‘Drogas.’

2016 is set to be a big year for Lupe Fiasco as he recently made an announcement regarding his plans for music and career. Not too long ago he mentioned he was working on a sequel to his 2007 album, “The Cool.” However this was to be expected to reach the ears of fans some time in winter 2017, which is why we were so surprised to hear that the artist has 3 albums planned for release in 2016 and the first one will be titled Drogas.

Lupe has done a pretty good job at laying low and hibernating since 2012 after the release of a fairly disappointing Food & Liquor 2. The resurface of Lupe emerged earlier this year with Tetsuo & Youth, which was arguably his best work since The Cool.

Still keeping his projects close to his heart, Drogas should hold some high anticipation with the fans after hearing the production excellence of Tetsuo & Youth.

lupes drogas tweet

Can Lupe pull off a 3 album year? Will the quality of his music stay consistently high throughout? Tweet us your thoughts at @HLN_Music now!

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