VERDICT: Should Donald Trump Be Fired From The WWE Hall Of Fame?

By David Travers

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 With all the controversy that has been surrounding the WWE in terms of its’ Hall of Famers (Hulk Hogan, ‘Superfly’ Snuka) should the WWE disband Donald Trump from the Hall of Fame amid his controversial political comments?

As we all know the Republican is a fan of the WWE as well as being friends with owner Vince McMahon. He has hosted several WWE WrestleMania events in Trump Plaza and has also he, himself has actively participated in several of WWE’s shows.

In 1991 Trump hosted the World Bodybuilding Federation (WBF) in Atlantic City. We all remember the WBF, another one of Vince McMahon’s failed branch outs.

*So let’s pretend that the WBF never existed for the sake of our sanity.*

Trump appeared at WrestleMania XX (20) and was interviewed by Jesse Ventura. His next appearance in the WWE was at WrestleMania 23 as apart of his storyline feud with Vince McMahon in what was dubbed ‘Battle of the Billionaires.’ In Trump’s corner we has Bobby Lashley and in Vince’s corner we had then Intercontinental Champion Umaga, in what was in my opinion a dull match and pointless feud and storyline. Where the loser would have their head shaved bald.

To add excitement to the match Stone Cold was appointed ‘Special Guest Referee.’ Lashley won the match and we had to sit by and watch Vince try and run away before being forced in the barber’s chair and have his head shaved bald.

In 2013 the 69-year old was inducted into the celebrity win of the WWE Hall of Fame for his contributions to the company from when they were known as WWF to now, and was in attendance for WrestleMania 29.

*Now we turn to his political ventures.*

Trump has been involved in politics for many years such as backing various politicians such as backing Ronald Regan in his early Democratic stage (pre 1962) and Mitt Romney who was a Republican candidate  to become President in 2012.

He has also had more than his fair share of controversy mainly through his political beliefs. He was one of many US citizens who questioned Obama’s US citizenship back in 2011, he questioned everything from his place of birth, his birth certificate  and even his entry grades to Harvard Law School.

Trump declared that he would be running for President  for the 2016 elections. Now this is where the Mic really drops and not in the same way CM Punk would drop the mic when he dropped a Pipe bomb that would leave the crowd going off their nuts, but Trumps would drop the mic that would leave many American’s sitting there in disbelief at what they have just watched.

His comments regarding Muslims and Mexicans leave a bitter taste in your mouth  and wanting to gouge your eyes out. He has stated that his policy on immigration is to get rid of 11 million illegal immigrants, which kind of destroys the whole “land of the free” but then again that was destroyed long ago.

In the USs as of 2014 there are  35,320,579 Mexican Americans living in the US that is 10.94% of the total population of America. but there are 42.1 million Mexican immigrants living in the US as of 2015.

Seeing as how the west coast  have a large hispanic population due to it being so close to the gulf and the Mexican boarder  places such as California have 38.1% of California’s state population and are beginning to become the dominant race in the state.

Another one of Trumps outrageous and jaw dropping comments is that regarding the whole ISIS situation, and he is proposing that the US should ban Muslims from entering the country and I quote this is his reason “until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.”

*Right, well done MR. Trump that is a completely valid reason for banning Muslims.*

To conclude this article. Seeing as how the WWE have cut ties with Hulk Hogan surrounding the n word being mentioned in an interview on the question about his daughter dating a black man.

But seeing as they have kicked out two great legends in the business, it would be awful, and a great injustice that would cause many WWE fans to uproar  if WWE chose not to kick Donald Trump out of the Hall of Fame, I mean if they are going to kick two legends out for a mistake they have made and choose not to kick Trump then there is something greatly wrong.

Vince regardless of who your friend his, if you don’t kick him out then you are either a hypocrite or share his views.

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