Does The Music Industry Sacrifice Art For Money?

By Tommy Baird - @KortexiphanKid

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All music is an art form of some kind, even if you have a low opinion of it; regardless if it has roots in or out of the music industry.

Granted I do not work within the industry, my job role as it stands would only come under the category ‘voluntary’ however what I do know is how difficult the industry has made it for people like me to express their art (i.e music) and this is for several reasons. 

The first is that because of what and how much the industry is putting out there, their is already so much competition for anyone else’s music to be as good as, despite the fact the average music maker will not have access to the same ways of making music as someone that is going for a number one record. 

Another reason that must be taken into account is the ‘look’ must be right if you want to make it in the industry. Simon Cowell and his ‘infinite wisdom’ has admitted to turning down ‘Take That’ because he thought Gary Barlow didn’t have the right image; ultimately losing out on a big deal. The television show ‘The Voice’ pretended it wasn’t about the look, but the show would proceed to have celebrity singers judging the contestants’ voice first; and judging the face of the voice (the look) afterwards anyway.

The way I express my art through music is with my use of samples, not necessarily the music industry, but the film and television industry says I need to obtain licences for audio I want to sample, (if I intend to distribute it) where anything up to just one minute of dialogue can cost up to £1000.

Perhaps me bitching about how bad the industry is, will not get me welcomed into it with open arms. It seems that the root of all-evil (money) is enough to push ‘art’ aside. Once again though, even if I don’t like the industry’s art doesn’t mean it isn’t so. 

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