Daniel Bryan Was Never Supposed To Be On Top

By Sumit Rehal

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Daniel Bryan was never supposed to be WWE Champion. Daniel Bryan was never supposed to main event WrestleMania. Daniel Bryan was never supposed to be the face of a billion dollar cooperation.

Yet somehow the humble man from rural Washington became the greatest fan favourite since Stone Cold Steve Austin.

The underdog was fired from WWE in 2010 for going the extra mile but returned to win the US Championship months later. Bryan was then shunned from the Royal Rumble in 2014 but still went on to headline and and win at WrestleMania. He then received a career threatening injury but soon returned to become the leader of a newly reformed Intercontinental division.

Finally the injuries took their toll on the technician and he was forced to retire on Monday’s Raw. Daniel Bryan is the definition of workhorse. Most others would have given up at the first firing but Bryan reached far beyond the finish line and retires as one of the elite. The former WWE Champion excelled in a time when the industry was looking for a certain image and were playing it safe by having the likes of John Cena, Batista and Randy Orton at the top of the card. Instead of accepting the status quo, Bryan replied ‘No! No! No!’ before taking the game by storm and winning our hearts in the process.

Here’s to Daniel Bryan, an inspiration to us all who will never be forgotten. We know you will continue to shine in your next chapter.


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