Cesaro has been given a chance but why won’t he still talk?

By Chirag Upadhyay

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We need to talk about Cesaro…

Because he clearly won’t. He has been with the WWE long enough now to see marked improvement in his promo yet he still does no talking, at least when he yodeled he had a gimmick. This is stupidity either on Cesaro’s or WWE’s part. How can a guy not be taught to talk? We can all do it. We learn it as children and there are courses available for even the shyest or weakest amongst us. There are ex workers to help mentor. Coaches. Has he got stutter? We can coach that. Has he got a confidence issues? We can coach that. So why no improvement…

Oh Cesaro why won’t you talk? Is it because you are the strong silent type? Okay, give him a manager.

Oh well if Heyman couldn’t help Cesaro then who can they say. Well it would have been helpful if every time Heyman was with Cesaro he didn’t talk for 5 minutes about the 1 in 21. Did he actually ever sell Cesaro? We know it’s no.

Oh well it’s because Vince wont let him they say. Well Lesnar doesn’t need to talk but he trash talks in ring and look at the t-shirts he is selling about suplex’s. Vince can’t stop Cesaro doing the same in-ring either but when did we last see him do that? You can’t even hear him calling spots.

Oh it is because he is Swiss they say. But The Briefcase has met many people from Switzerland and their mastery of language is marvelous. French, Italian, German and English all beautifully spoken and nice hills to, almost alive with the sound of music. Yet none Cesero makes…

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