The Briefcase Speaks: Have WWE creative got it wrong going into WrestleMania?

By Chirag Upadhyay 

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The Briefcase Feuds – The Detour to Wrestlemania…

The key to wrestling is the battle, both physical and mental, between the two protagonists, usually one good (face) against one bad (heel). Classic wrestling theory advocates for a feud to develop. Heel and Face getting the better of each other, week after week, until a final showdown to settle the winner.  Wrestlemania historically is the culmination of the greatest of these feuds and herein lies the problem…

Feuding With Thin Air

Bray Wyatt, week after week, has delivered his sermons. He has arisen from a coffin. He has burned that coffin. He has called out The Undertaker. He is playing Heel. But where is the ‘Deadman’ to make the feud capture the hearts and minds of the viewer?

Feuding With No One

Daniel Bryan, currently the most over wrestler, has no one to feud with as we approach Wrestlemania. Last year he was in the ring with Orton, Batista and Triple H. He defeated Evolution in one night. He was the main event. It was his Wrestlemania. Fast forward one year later and Bryan finds himself as a afterthought amongst Creative, wrestling Luke Harper for no reason on this weeks RAW.  This is either stupidity or vengefulness.

Feuding With Proxies

Triple H loves a long repetitive monotone promo. He’ll repeat stuff to you over and over like how he is currently teaching his children that he, not Jayceon Terrell Taylor, is The Game. So Triple H is well versed in the long promo, but that doesn’t mean the crowd likes them. And the build between him and Sting shows why. Sting isn’t allowed to talk and he’s never in the arena. So now Triple H is feuding with people who know Sting or have worked with him. This week Booker T. Last week, Ric Flair. Next week, Lex Luger.

Not the best way to build to the most important event in the wrestling calendar.

Feuding Wrestlers Who Can’t Talk

Paul Heyman delivered the angriest promo in a while. He screamed. He sweated. His microphone kept on breaking. But why did he need to do this? Oh that’s right, because the main event of Wrestlemania is between a guy who never talks let alone shows up and a guy who smirks and speaks in a pretend ethnic accent that clearly isn’t his. Feuding builds tension. There is zero tension being built for the main event.

Feuding with ‘friends’

Rollins is a heel. Orton is pretending to be a heel. They will be fighting at Wrestlemania. But Creative have decided to give Orton a slow turn. This would be fine if it was a surprise but we all know he is going to turn so this isn’t intrigue and theatre. Instead it’s piss poor story telling. Please Vince hire the writers from Breaking Bad.

Feuding Done Right…

Mizdow Vs. The Miz has been on our screens for the last few month. Each week the tension between the two increases. Each week we route more for Mizdow to finally rise up against his cruel master. Each week we are denied, until that moment…

And the credit can’t go to Creative who had given Damien Sandow a comedy gimmick with no direction until The Miz got involved and made him his stunt double. From there the two have stolen the show. The audience in engaged. Miz plays the perfect heel. Mizdow the perfect face, the one we all relate to, downtrodden and unfairly abused by his boss. This year Mizdow is our Daniel Bryan and this feud will be lost in the midcard, and that in a sentence sums up the terrible build towards the WWE’s marquee event.




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