The Briefcase Speaks – This Week’s WWE Gossip: Rollins Leaks, Cena Injuries & Sting Reports

By Chirag Upadhyay

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RAW Pre Show Turns Heel On Main Show

There appears to be a Judas amongst the disciples following Cross fit Jesus. In case you missed it, Crossfit Jesus’s social media accounts were hacked and then posted naked pictures of WWE model/diva in training, Zahra Schreiber. An angry Mary Magdalene (Cross fit Jesus fiancé Leighla Schultz) then posted naked pictures of her fiancé on her twitter account, and all this happened just minutes before RAW went live.

Who Is Judas?

This could play perfectly into a non-KAYFABE story line for Crossfit Jesus. His accusing finger could fall upon J&J security, Kane or Ambrose, but knowing WWE creative, it will be the preamble for another Big Show turn.

You Can’t See Me

John can’t Cena out of his right eye at the moment. In other news Nikki is working a lot stiffer of late.

Dust Up Brothers

We have the beginning of a likely feud between Star and Gold dust. Unfortunately, this is a year late and there is zero love dust for it.

Miz it & Miz out

We know the break up is coming. We know the Miz is awesome. We now know this has to be a WrestleMania moment, because when MizDow finally fights back against his unscrupulous boss the crowd is going to go nuts.


And it really is, for we are going to witness Sting talk with Triple H. However, the vigilante seems to be the silent type, so it could be a lot of Triple H talking or what may appear to regular viewers as another 20 minute opening promo by the Authority.

And finally…

‘The briefcase would like to apologize to all the WWE fans and my family and friends for the terrible jokes distributed with my consent.’

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