The Briefcase Speaks: The Week’s Roundup of WWE Gossip – #GiveTheBriefcaseAChance

By Chirag Upadhyay

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R-truth created his own hashtag on RAW. What was the chance he wanted? A shot at the Intercontinental Title, which is currently being transformed into a Benny Hill tribute. If you fast forward all the contenders (Bad News Barratt, R-Truth, Dean Ambrose) attempting to steal the belt (and click here: and then let your imagination do the rest.

Later on Smackdown, amazingly R-truth trolled his own hashtag, when once again on commentary, he constantly referred to Brian Saxton as Jonathan ‘Coach’ Coachman. Therefore not giving truth a chance.

Evolving from Truth’s hashtag the #GiveDivasAChance went viral on Monday night RAW. What was social media referring to? Well the 2-minute matches they are given on a 3-hour show, whereas on NXT the divas get given longer and have been stealing shows (which is a better gimmick than stealing the Intercontinental belt). From a marketing perspective these women could blow up merchandise sales to a yet untapped female market. #ThrowLikeAGirlKickYourAssLikeADiva

All Axel had to do was tell the crowd how long he has been in the royal rumble match. And he had the clock counting on the videotron, which is officially the biggest screen in the USA right now, and he was looking right at it. Then he told us it was 32 hours when it was 32 days. #NotPerfect

Rumors are rife that Lesnar walked out of RAW on Monday night following the unhappy renegotiation of his current WWE contract. The Beast wants the chance to work simultaneously for both WWE and UFC. Give him what he needs otherwise we may have to deal with Ryback being that guy. #DontFeedHimMore

Yes, Yes, Yes! It does indeed look like Wrestlemania 31 will be a chance to do #LotsOfFastlaneRematches. But Jon Stewart might turn up. Rollins might cash in. Bryan won’t have to shake hands with someone he doesn’t respect. Sting will throw a punch. Rusev will lose. #TheDivasWillGetAChance but the crowd will need to watch and not pop off to the toilets as usual.

And finally…

Fastlane was a quiet detour. Sting with his iconic black baseball bat was met with a wall of silence. Orton showed up and got a lackluster fizz rather than a monster pop. However, the highlight of the show was when Sting used his supernatural powers to let a member of the crowd show what he was thinking to himself….
Triple H: ‘I ensure your legacy lives forever, Sting, through WWE network, through DVDs, through merchandise, through action figures, through all of it. In 2015 Sting will be bigger then he has ever been before.’

Guy In Crowd Under Stings Control: ‘He’s got a great point, Sting.’


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