How To Book Motor City Machine Guns In WWE

By David Travers – @GuannacoTRAVERS

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The Motor cCty Machine guns (Chris Sabin and Alex Shelly) debuted in Total Nonstop Action (TNA) on April of 2007. They originally debuted as single competitors in the company. however, due to showing great team work within the X Division matches, the company decided to put them together. They were originally called Murder City Machine Guns, but the name was tweaked to Motor City, which the team disliked.

The pair also appeared on the independent circuit as well as in TNA. Their first feud as a team was against the veteran tag team Team 3D (Brother Ray and Brother Devon) but known to the world over as The Dudley Boyz. Sabin and Shelly sparked the feud between themselves and Team 3D by interfering in 3D’s match against another veteran and legendary tag team The Steiner Brothers (Rick and Scott Steiner) and helping Rick and Scott pick up the victory.

Team 3D suffered a shock defeat at TNA’s annual Pay-Per-View (PPV)  Genesis when they defeated by The Motor City Machine Guns, as a result of this shocker Team 3D then sought war on the whole X Division. They did this by attacking then X Division champion Jay Lethal and number one contender Sonjay Dutt after their match.

Stating that the whole X Division should be disbanded and removed from the company. Team 3D recruited Johnny Devine who was apart of the X Division  and named him Brother Devine and handing him the X Division title, although Lethal was still champion. Devine  would then go on to win the title for real.

Sabin and Shelly finally won the TNA tag titles in 2010, defeating Beer Money Inc. (Bobby Roode and James Storm) and then began to feud with them. Engaging in a best of five match series winning the series 3-2 after losing the fist two matches, quickly bounced back to win the series.

Their 182 day reign as champs came to an end, due to miscommunication they were defeated by Beer Money Inc.

In their Rematch on January 13th 2011 again due to miscommunication their were unable to win back the titles. The team took a break from the tag team division as Shelly suffered a collarbone injury, with Shelly out of action Sabin returned to the X Division to pursue a singles career once again.

Shelly made his return to the company on April 28th but Sabin this time was sidelined with an injury as he injured his knee.

The team eventually disbanded in 2012 as Shelly choose not to renew his contract with TNA.

*If Sabin and Shelly signed with WWE this is how I would book them.*

I would have them debut in an NXT tapping, at first they would wrestle a few matches to continue to boost the tag team division with fresh faces. They would wrestle four matches to begin with as a part of their original contract that they would wrestle a few dates here and there.

Their first match would be against Jordan and Gable, as both teams are fairly similar, the match would be well received by the crowd as Sabin and Shelly showing no signs of tag team ring rust together would come out victorious, pinning Gable after their tag team combination ‘Made in Detroit.’

After wrestling their final match against Blake and Murphy again another similar tag team, which I feel would again be received well by the crowd. They would again emerge victorious from the bout .

They wouldn’t be seen again in NXT for some time as they would also be wrestling on the indie circuit. WWE.Com would then announce that Sabin and Shelly had signed with the WWE in their developmental territory. Which i would see as good thing as WWE have The Dudley Boyz on the main roster helping out the tag team division by being the veteran tag team that they are, and helping out the division on the main roster.

It would be great to see a highflying veteran tag team wrestling in NXT and helping the talent their.

They would officially debut in NXT and wrestle their debut match against the NXT tag champions Dawson and Wilder, Sabin and Shelly wrestling under the tag team Murder City Machine Guns(MCMG), although they wow the crowd with their quick tags, and quick tag team combinations they would lose to Dawson and Wilder which would not only push the champions even more by having them defeat a tag team like Sabin and Shelly.

Their next match as a tag team would be against the team of Amore and Cassidy where after a back and forth match with both teams taking control Sabin and Shelly come out on top as the highflying duo proves too much for Amore and Cassidy as they found it hard to keep Sabin and Shelly on the ground.

As time goes on Sabin and Shelly would engage in a three way feud with Blake and Murphy and Jordan and Gable. As all three teams feel they deserve a shot at the tag titles.

As the three teams argue their cases in the ring. William Regal comes out and says that since all three teams feel that they deserve a shot at the tag titles that NXT will host a three way round robin match  with the team with the most wins will become number one contenders for the NXT tag team championship.

With that set to take place. The first match up we see the team of Jordan and Gable square off against Blake and Murphy.  The Murder City Machine Guns  join the commentary team to scout their opponents, Jordan and Gable come out on top with the Jordan Slam, the Angle slam just with a different name.

Jordan and Gable start off in first place with 3 points. The following week Sabin and Shelly face Blake and Murphy, this time Jordan and Gable  join the commentary team. After a great display of team work from both teams and a match that was anyones game. The strength of team work of the MCMG helped them secure the 1,2,3 and the 3 points which meant that MCMG and Jordan and Gable were tied for first place while Blake and Murphy sadly slip out of the contest having gained 0 points from their two matches.

The number one contenders match would be settled between Sabin and Shelly and Jordan and Gable. The final match would be a ladder match at the Takeover event.

The next NXT Takeover event arrives and both teams knew what was at stake. MCMG wanting another shot at the tag titles and eager to show the new breed of tag teams that they can still make it to the top. Where as, Jordan and Gable have worked well as a tag team and are young and hungry for a chance at holding gold and setting their mark in NXT.

Both teams had moments of dominance as Jordan and Gable learning from their previous match with Sabin and Shelly knew what they needed to do to stop MCMG from gaining momentum. Jordan using his amateur wrestling background to his advantage isolated Shelly early on in the match, with take downs and various wrestling holds.

While Gable and Sabin took the fight to the outside, Sabin made quick work of Gable chopping him down before putting him to rest with his signature ‘All Hail Sabin’ (cross legged sit out scoop slam piledriver) which left Gable dazed on the floor.

Sabin then bought the ladder into play, and using it to knock Jordan down who was still dominating Shelly, with Jordan down, before climbing the ladder the MCMG ensured that their victory would not be stopped by hitting Jordan with a variety of tag team manoeuvres .

Jordan put up a god solo effort but the numbers were too much for him, with Gable still out on the outside, Jordan was just no match for MCMG tag team combinations as they too put Jordan to rest nailing him with ‘Skull and Bones’ (falling neck breaker/ cross body). Sabin and Shelly then both climbed the ladder, with both Jordan and Gable down there was no stopping them from climbing the ladder and pulling down the number one contenders contract.

The final table read: 1. MCMG 6 points, 2. Jordan and Gable 3 points, 3. Blake and Murphy 0 points. Having won the tournament Sabin and Shelly could cash in their number one contenders contract whenever they saw fit.

This could be a win win for the tag team division in NXT, just like The New Day being helped along by The Dudley Boyz. If MCMG win the titles it would further push the tag team division and hopefully more tag team talent will sign with WWE, whereas if they lose Dawson and Wilder will look even stronger as a tag team beating a team like MCMG.

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