How To Book AJ Styles In WWE

By David Travers - @GuannacoTRAVERS

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This week, we look at the possible return of AJ Styles. We theorise on how The Phenomenal One would be booked if he came back to the WWE.

As not all of us will remember but AJ Styles did wrestle once before in the WWE back in January of 2002. His first match  in the WWE was on then WWF’s ‘WWF Metal’ where he wrestled The Hurricane in a losing effort. His last match was on a pre Smackdown tapping this time losing to Rico. He declined the offer of wrestling in their developmental territory at the time Heartland Wrestling Association (HWA) as they asked him to relocate to Ohio where HWA was located but it would interfere with his wife’s college plans.

He then began wrestling in the independent promotion Ring Of Honor (ROH) where he became an instant main eventer capturing the companies Pure championship, their tag team championship with Amazing Red and their number one contenders tournament to face the Pure champion.

While he appeared in ROH he also wrestled for TNA. Where he wrestled fellow ROH wrestlers Low Ki and Christopher Daniels. He was a stand out main event star in TNA, being dubbed ‘The Phenomenal’ AJ Styles and would go on to capture the X Division championship, the Heavyweight and the Tag championship becoming the companies first ever Triple Crowned Champion.

He was involved in many great feuds with Samoa Joe, Abyss and Christopher Daniels in his singles run and later the Latin American Xchange (Homicide and Hernandez) when he teamed with Daniels.

Towards the end of his run in the company he began the ‘Lone Wolf’ gimmick, which was a neutral wrestler showing no allegiances to any Face or Heel wrestlers as he remained quite in his interviews and attacked any wrestlers which did show sings of a heel turn from Styles but attacked the heel stable Aces & Eights when they tried to patch him into their club.

Before AJ officially left the company he did a sort of CM Punk by winning the title and walking out of the company. This to was similar to Punk as Punk didn’t like the way Vince ran things in the WWE whereas, Styles didn’t like the Way Dixie Carter ran TNA.

He then wrestled back on the independent circuit as well as in Japan. He began wrestling in New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) in 2014. displaying a Heel turn and aligning himself with the villainous stable Bullet Club. He is a two time IWGP Heavyweight Champion.

In an interview this year Styles commented that he would do what is best for him and his family, as his contract with NJPW runs out in January next year. It would be interesting to see AJ Styles back in the WWE as he has gained such a reputation throughout his career that he would be marketable by the WWE.

*This is how I would book AJ if he did sign with WWE*

He would first wrestle in NXT. Like he did in Japan confront the NXT Champion Finn Balor as Balor was the original leader of The Bullet Club before Balor back then known as Prince Devitt left NJPW for WWE. Then Styles took over as leader in ROH’s Bullet Club when they branched out to other promotions.

It would eventually leader to a non title match, the two Bullet Club leaders face one another. It ends in Samoa Joe attacking Styles, which would not only boost Joe as a to a mega Heel but would gain positivity for Styles as I would have him in his Phenomenal gimmick.

It would also reignite  their feud from TNA. I know the fans probably  wouldn’t want to see that, but it would be interesting to see how WWE would book their feud. But this is my fantasy world so I would have this happen.

Styles would then engaged in a Feud with Joe.  Their first match would be a normal singles match. With Joe getting the win via the muscle buster, Styles would put up a great fight. William Regal would come out announces the first ever best of 5 series starting from next week and concluding as the main event of the next  Takeover event.

This would lead to Styles and Joe getting involved in each other matches not physically but would just sit with the commentary team as a way of mind games. They would have their first match  the next week as that marks the start of the best of 5 series.

The first match is a singles match. It is a tough contest with Joe being all technical where as AJ all about those moves off the ropes. AJ scores the first win of the series by pinning Joe after his submission move Calf Killer, taking an early 1-0 lead.

The next two matches are equally as tough and the crowd are excited to see this rivalry renewed and is not what they expected to see from these two as they were skeptical of the rivalry in the WWE. Joe takes the next two matches answering back with wins via submission and pin fall taking the lead two matches to one.

The fourth match is a no disqualification match as Regal impressed with their normal singles matches decides to up the ante for the last two match making match four a no disqualification match and match five a ladder match, to number one contender for the NXT title. Match four AJ bounces back from his two match losing streak in the series and emerges victorious in the no disqualification match,  by putting Joe through a table with the Styles Clash and equalling the series at 2-2.

With the series tied at two a piece it was down to the ladder match both Joe and Styles knew what was on the line not only winning the ladder match but the deciding match in the series.

Out of all the matches in the series the fan give the ladder match the best reaction as Styles dominates early with drop kicks,  flying forearm shots, and chopping Joe down with kicks to the legs before grounding him with a cross body. Joe then answers back as AJ going for the Spiral Tap off the top rope, Joe rolls out the way and then mounts an offence with kicks, chops and take downs  he tried to end the match early but trying to get AJ to pass out from the Korkina Clutch But AJ manages to get to the ropes. Joe releases the hold.

AJ then exits the ring, Joe quickly follows after a exchange of punches. AJ nails Joe with the Pele kick before getting the ladder and pushing it into the ring. AJ begins to clim the ladder, Joe starts getting to his feet, quickly dives into the ring, and power bombs Styles off the ladder. He then begins to slowly climb the ladder, AJ then quickly runs up the other side and with a diving forearm shot takes joe off the ladder.

The crowd respond with ‘Holy shit, Holy Shit’ chants. With both wrestlers down its down to whoever can get to their feet first, AJ starts moving first and with the help of the rope gets to his feet. Joe then gets to his feet and the two exchange shots, Joe goes for a boot to the face, but misses and his leg gets stuck in the ladder.

AJ realising this is his opening climbs quickly up the ladder, but suddenly there is a black out, and when the lights come up, there is Amazing Red on the top rope and drop kicks Styles off the ladder.

Then nails AJ with Infrared corkscrew 540 senton bomb with AJ out cold, he then quickly helps Joe up and helps him to the ladder, Joe then climbs the ladder and takes down the contract and the right to be the number one contenders match. Joe wins the best of 5 series 3-2.

The next week on NXT following the Takeover event, Amazing Red comes out and explains that NXT is going to be painted red and drops the mic and leaves. It is then announced that AJ and Red will go one on one the week after and the Styles and Red feud has just begun.

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