Battle Of The Sexes: Is One Gender Better Than The Other At Music?

By Tommy Baird 

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Both male and females performers have different talents weather it’s playing an instrument or using their vocal abilities

But it doesn’t stop there; something else you have to consider is what’s going on behind the scenes so to speak. I’m talking about writing, promoting, even organising. What may make a man or woman particularly iconic is how they are changing the world, because of music; did you know that Marshall Eminem Shady used his fame to influence seventy five thousand (!) young people to register to vote? Well I did not.

As time presses on it is getting harder and harder to grab the attention of the public. Sometimes the media will focus more on how little some female artists/performers wear nowadays rather on what they might have to bring to the table of music. The world we live in, where gimmicks are gimmicks and it as hard to show your creativity; my attention is pointed towards Lady Ga Ga. Having learned Piano completely by ear by the age of four, and composing original ballads at thirteen, it was a certainty that the music is strong in this one. At the age of nineteen she had dropped out of university to “Teach herself about the art better than the school could” in her words. Proving herself to be true, she signed to the Interscope label on her 20th birthday. To me, Lady Gaga is the ‘David Bowie’ of my generation, not only does she wow her fans with her creativity; but the music she writes is also unbelievably catchy. You will find yourself singing along to lyrics you didn’t know you knew.

Back in the 18th century, Ludwig van Beethoven’s father didn’t think his son would amount to much. “What silly trash are you scratching together now?” He would ask referring to little Ludwig van not scratching by note whilst playing the violin. Though his father was a piano and violin teacher, so I can imagine his standards were probably heightened. By the age of seven, he was already wowing crowds being known as a child prodigy. Something that has always amazed me is how Beethoven continued to compose after he started turning deaf around the age of twenty-five. It was reported that he was having difficulty hearing high notes and when looking at the timeline of his career, pieces he had composed during the middle are said to lack as many high notes. However, nearer the end of his career he had reintroduced higher notes, some say it was because he had taught himself to hear through the inner ear, past his disorder.

It’s pretty difficult to judge which genders are better with music, I guess it’s all down to your personal preferences. Comparing Lady Ga Ga with Beethoven is tricky. Maybe wearing a dress made of meat is not as inspirational as post-deaf composing. Plus it would seem Beethovens abilities would be a huge point for the male sex. Though Lady Ga Ga is still alive and kicking, we will have to wait and see what else she is going to pull out of her meaty sleeves.

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